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Ghislaine Maxwell juror hearing begins


Ghislaine Maxill in a sketch of the courtroom during her trial, Dec. 29th 2021

Artist: Christine Cornell

A judge was asked by federal prosecutors to give immunity to a juror in order to force him to testify at Monday’s New York court hearing about whether or not he had lied to the jury. This is concerning his participation in the British socialite Ghislaine Maxiwell’s sex crimes trial.

Juror 50’s lawyer stated that if Juror 50 is not granted immunity, he will decline to testify in accordance with his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incriminating evidence.

It is possible that Juror50 could face charges of lying about filling out a questionnaire for the jury selection process before Maxwell’s trial. Maxwell stated at that time that he hadn’t been the victim of any sexual abuse.

Juror 50, however, later revealed to reporters that he was abused as an infant and had told fellow jurors about it during his deliberations. Juror 50 later told reporters that he had been abused as a child and that he had mentioned it to fellow jurors during their deliberations. convicted Maxwell in late DecemberJeffrey Epstein, late money manager, made underage girls sexually abuse by him.

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Maxwell’s attorneys have requested that Judge Alison Nathan, Manhattan Federal Court judge, order her to a fresh trial based upon the juror’s supposed lie in his questionnaire.

Defense lawyers claim that if the victim had been told the truth, the defense would have questioned him more about his ability to be fair to Maxwell. He could also have been expelled from the jury because of his past.

Nathan had Monday’s hearing called so the man could be interrogated about the differing claims. She will then make her decision on whether to grant a fresh trial.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the jury could not be given testimony because it was in the “public interest”.

This request was noted in the court file. It has been approved by an assistant attorney general from U.S. Justice Department.

Maxwell, 60 years old, was detained in July 2020, at Maxwell’s New Hampshire residence. It was one year since Epstein was arrested for child sex abuse. Maxwell has been kept in Brooklyn’s federal jail without bond since that time.

Epstein, aged 66, was killed by what is officially deemed suicide. He died in Manhattan Federal Jail in August 2019, while waiting for trial.

In a Florida state court case, he pleaded guilty in 2013 to prostitution of an underage girl and was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment. Epstein, before his conviction, was friends with several rich and prominent people, such as Presidents Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew of Britain.