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Axie Infinity accounted for nearly two-thirds of blockchain-game NFT transactions in 2021 -Breaking


The NonFungible recently compiled a report that showed players in the Monster-Battle game of nonfungible tokens or NFTs had transacted almost $3.5 Billion worth of NFTs by 2021. It accounts for nearly two-thirds all NFTs traded in the blockchain gaming sector in 2021. Second and third were the sports highlight marketplace NBA Top Shot, which has $827 million in revenue, and Loot community gaming platform with $242 millions.

Sky Mavis, Vietnamese videogame developer, developed the game. It contains “Axies,” which are creatures that players gather and can use to do daily quests or duel with other players. Each Axie contains an NFT that was minted using the ().ETH) blockchain. Axies players who complete tasks are rewarded with Smooth Love Potions, which they can sell for money on cryptocurrency exchanges. This generates a steady stream of income. Axie Infinity was responsible for 19.% of $17 billion worth of NFT transactions in 2017.