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Polygon’s focus on building L2 infrastructure outweighs MATIC’s 50% drop from ATH -Breaking


Polygon experienced a 50% correction in its stock price between December 25th and January 25, which resulted in a dramatic drop of half off.MATICThe $1.40 support has not been maintained by ), There are a few who argue the coin is just adjusted following a 16.200% increase in 2021. However, there are others that point to scaling alternatives growth.

MATIC token/USD at FTX. TradingView

MATIC, at 50.8%, remains below the $11 Billion market capitalization. The market capitalization of MATIC is currently $11 billion.LUNAThe ) is $37 billionSOLIt is estimated that a total of $26 trillion has been spent on ().AVAXThe market value of ) is $19 billion.

Polygon Total Value Locked MATIC. Source: DefiLlama
Polygon DApps 30 day on-chain data. Source: DappRadar