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Jones Soda unveils cannabis-infused sodas under new brand


Mary Jones, Jones Soda’s marijuana offshoot

Source: Jones Soda

Mary Jones, The New Brand from Jones SodaThere will be cannabis-infused sodas (gummies) and syrups.

This bold move by the publicly traded company is a great one. Although it’s best-known for crafting sodas, its small size may allow it to take on more risks than larger competitors. Coca-Cola PepsiCoYou are too shy to attempt.

Federally, cannabis is illegal. The drink industry giants remain cautious about allowing it to become legal. Pepsi is closest to this goal with its latest launch of a line of hemp-infused Rockstar energy drinksAlthough hemp seeds can have some side effects, they are not dangerous.

Companies that produce alcohol have adopted cannabinoids in greater numbers. Corona brewer Constellation BrandsOwns shares in a cannabis company Canopy GrowthWhile Molson CoorsA joint venture allows the sale of CBD-infused beverages.

Jones Soda’s 2021 revenue was $14.8million, which is less than 0.04% of Coke’s total revenue. It has a market capitalization of $37.3million and trades at 55c a share.

“We are a tiny player in soda. But we’re going be the biggest national company when it comes down to being recognizable.” [consumer-packaged goods]Bohb Blair, Jones Soda’s marketing chief, said that cannabis is “name in cannabis”.

It also comes after a broader trend within the beverage industry blurring the lines between different categories. Pepsi will be converting its Mountain Dew soda to alcohol with Hard Mtn Dew. Anheuser-Busch InBev’sBud Light Seltzer introduced a new hard soda product in December.

Mary Jones will launch her first dispensary in California. California’s legal cannabis market is estimated to be $4 billion. Blair estimates that nearly three quarters of Californians purchase cannabis in dispensaries. This creates a large market for the company’s products.

While Californians are often stereotyped as health-conscious consumers who prefer green juice over soda, Blair said the existing cannabis drinks — made with low dosage and light flavor — has left the door open to consumers who want a cannabis beverage packed with flavor.

Blair explained that health claims do not reflect the equity of our company. The full flavor, however, is. We had conversations about whether CBD should be included in the product. It’s not our identity.

He said, “If it’s cracked in California,” and added that he would do gangbusters while traveling through the Midwest or East.

Four product lines will be available at the initial launch: 12 ounce soda bottles infused 10 mgs of marijuana; 16 ounce soda cans infused 100 milligrams; syrup that is designed for mixing with drinks and on foods with 1000 milligrams per bottle; syrup with 1000 milligrams cannabis per bottle; and mini Jones Soda bottles infused five milligrams cannabis.

California is where we will crack it. We are going to do gangbusters while we travel through the Midwest, East and Midwest.

Bohb Blair

Jones Soda marketing chief

It has bigger goals. It’s looking to expand in all states where it’s legal for adults to use cannabis and — eventually — nationwide.

Mark Murray, the CEO said in a statement that “We have been putting together all of these pieces since we announced last July our intention to form a cannabis division.”

Jones was looking to diversify its product line beyond soda and made the decision to enter cannabis. Blair indicated that Jones Soda is certain that this decision will be successful due to its recognizable brand, the popular flavours that can work with cannabis, as well as the possibility of new consumers.

Blair explained that although a large portion of cannabis’s category is made up of leaf, it still represents the traditional part, or the mature. The new cannabis consumer, or those looking for something to consume, is a large number of people turning to drinks and edibles. It turns out that these are not so easy to make.

Selling cannabis is a challenge, regardless of whether it’s legal. Jones Soda believes that the company’s experience as an independent soda maker will be able to translate its knowledge into distribution of cannabis-infused products. Jones Soda is familiar with the state-by-state operation.

California will offer the products in dispensaries. Jones claims it is unlikely that the products can be confused with Jones’ other drinks.

Mary Jones packaging was also designed by the company to balance between Jones Soda brand recognition and being different enough to signal that it is different to customers. Logo uses “Jones” in the same font, but the letter “N” is reversed. The dosage is displayed in a larger font to comply with local regulations.

Named after Mary Jane, a popular nickname for cannabis.

Blair explained that Coke contains Diet Coke so people can get it 100%. “So, we qualified Jones and Mary Jones.”