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Former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo considers running against Kathy Hochul despite opposition from party


Ex-Gov. of New York Andrew Cuomo may run for governor against Gov. Kathy Hochul was reportedly trying to make a comeback, after she resigned in disgrace following multiple sexual harassment allegations by her former aides.

Cuomo who reluctantly left officeLast year, after denying the harassment claims, he received calls from supporters asking about possible runs against his ex-lieutenant governor. According to these sources, his staff has been doing their own voter polling about a possible matchup.  The people who chose not to identify themselves did this to allow them to freely discuss private matters.

According to Cuomo, after a poll conducted by Emerson College and The Hill revealed that Cuomo had fallen behind Hochul in the public poll, allies called him encouraging him to challenge Hochul. This is what it looked like surveyThe poll was released last week and showed Cuomo four points behind Hochul in terms of likely New York Democratic primary voter. One of few polls to show Cuomo so close with Hochul in primary voters is this one. Hochul, who is running for reelection in 2022, is fighting with Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.).

If Hochul were to collect the required thousands of signatures to be on the May deadline, a campaign against Hochul would likely set up an important primary fight. The June primary election is planned. Cuomo had just completed his third term and was about to resign. Cuomo was openly hinting that he might run for another term, before harassment accusations surfaced. Hochul said that she hopes to create a two termLimit for New York’s governor and lieutenant governor, attorney General, and comptroller.

Emerson also revealed that 59% New York voters trust Letitia Jam’s findings. James detailed Cuomo’s accusations. foundHe “violated state and federal law.” Cuomo denied the allegations, accusing James’ probe of being political motivated.

Although he has been encouraged to run by supporters, many of his party leaders have spoken out and talked to CNBC to say that they hope he does not run following multiple scandals which have followed him out the door. The New York Times reportedOn Tuesday, an audit revealed that Cuomo’s administration did not publicly account for nearly 4,100 deaths in nursing homes during the peak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Jay Jacobs (chair of New York Democratic Party), said that it was a mistake and sent an email to CNBC on Tuesday. Cuomo won’t run in any election for 2022.

Hochul was among the Democrats that criticized Cuomo during the period leading up to his resignation. He called his alleged misconduct “The Hochul” behavior “repulsive.” Cuomo has since distanced her from Cuomo. The President Joe Biden entire New York congressional delegationCuomo was asked to step down

Cuomo still has a friend who, in discussing Hochul’s possibility of running, pointed out Cuomo’s speech to a Brooklyn church where he stated that he was blessed with many options and is open to everyone. However, when asked if he felt at peace, Cuomo said, “No, I don’t feel at peace. Cuomo made the speech to emphasize that he was not facing criminal charges by multiple district attorneys.

On Thursday, he plans to address the Bronx again. groupHispanic ministers. Cuomo’s politically-active operation continues to run a multimillion-dollar ad campaign. Cuomo’s Committee started the New Year with more than $16 Million in hand. Hochul’s campaign had more than $20 million at the time of its most recent public filing.

CNBC received an email from Richard Azzopardi on Wednesday, stating that Cuomo’s chief spokesman said in an email to them that neither the ex-governor nor any of his closest allies have indicated whether they will run for Hochul’s seat. However, he did not mention a potential future campaign against Cuomo or ongoing polling about a matchup.

CNBC spoke with Azzopardi that, “This was the weaponization politics to achieve what could’t get accomplished at the ballot box. This is something the Governor stated since the beginning. He has always stated that he had thoughts and opinions regarding the future direction of the state and the Democratic Party in general, and he will not hesitate to share them with CNBC. 

Cuomo is not only having a conversation with his friends about running and making public appearances recently, but his active political war fund has already spent over $2million on a TV ad campaign according to an online ad tracker. Medium Buying. These ads seem to have been created in an effort to revive Cuomo’s image after his resignation.

Cuomo’s most recent ad was titled “The Record”Goes through all of his achievements as Governor, which include major infrastructure projects, better gun laws, and an increase in the minimum wage to $15.

However, there have been some public protests by Democratic Party members against the Cuomo-led initiative.

Dan Pfeiffer was a former adviser to President Barack Obama. tweetedResponding to Cuomo’s ad campaign, “Go Away!”