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Amazon Flex drivers hit by surging gas prices are demanding relief


Uber drivers and Amazon Flex drivers are protesting the rising fuel prices and demanding more money at an Amazon warehouse in Redondo Beach (California), March 16th, 2022.

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Around 50 drivers of rideshare or delivery vehicles parked at the curb on Wednesday morning AmazonLos Angeles, warehouse A sign was taped to the car window that showed a jogging figure sporting an Amazon delivery uniform, and carrying a parcel. 

The rally was called “Running on empty” by the sign-sellers at Mobile Workers Alliance. This group represents gig economy workers. “We can’t afford gas. Tech giants, pay up.”

To urge Amazon to follow their example, a caravan of contractors assembled at Amazon’s FCA2 facility. Uber, Lyft, DoorDashAnd Walmart. Recent days have seen these companies add fuel to the mix. surchargesAlternatively, higher driver earnings can offset rising gasoline prices.

Amazon avoided speaking out about Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. gas pricesThe U.S. saw record-breaking levels. According to a report by The National Average for Regular Gas, it reached $4.33 per gallon. AAA. It is currently at $4.29, which is up 78cs compared to a month ago.

Amazon’s expanding in-house logistics team includes some Flex drivers. To speed up orders to customers’ doors, Amazon also uses a network that includes planes, trucks, ships, and delivery companies.

Flex, which was founded in 2015, is still an side hustle for certain workers. However Flex has evolved to become a major source of income. Flex is used by drivers. own vehicles to deliver packages in over 50 cities. They make between $18 to $25 per hour depending on which shift they are working and also have to pay for car repairs, gas and tolls.

Kerry Selfridge is a full-time driver for Flex Kansas as he helps to launch his travel agency. Selfridge said that he has to refill his gas tank daily and the rising cost at the pumps has made it harder for him to keep up with the bills.

Selfridge explained that his car used to cost $25 to fuel, and now costs $40. “I spend between $280 and $700 a week. 

Selfridge has three children and said he had to lower his spending on entertainment and meals. 

Amazon Inc. Flex Program contractors load parcels into their vehicles for delivery to San Francisco.

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Selfridge stated, “I must be able to maintain their housing and feed them.” We are used to eating expensive food, but we’re getting more comfortable with cheaper options. 

Amazon did not respond to our requests for comment.

Flexible drivers can deliver Prime packages as well as Whole Foods or Fresh groceries orders from Amazon warehouses in their local area. Flex workers can drive miles instead of dedicated Amazon delivery drivers that may only make one stop in each neighborhood. 

Tipping is a way to maximise earnings. CNBC interviewed Flex drivers who said that deliveries to Whole Foods and Fresh were the only ones that offer this option. It is becoming more difficult for drivers to get those gigs as they are sought out by more customers.

Jana, who is a Flex driver for San Francisco, didn’t want the full name but said she finds driving for Flex worthwhile because of her tips. Her income potential is decreasing, and she’s seen fewer options in recent months.

Jana bought a Toyota Prius for better fuel mileage, while still making deliveries. She said that gas prices in San Francisco were so high, she felt like she didn’t drive a hybrid any more.

Concurring for Surge Pay

Flex pays $18/hour as the base salary. Amazon may offer drivers an increase in rates or surge pricing to get them to take up shifts. Blocks that have surge rates can often be in high-demand and pay as much as $35 an hour.

As drivers tend to favor tips in their orders, Flex workers are also attracted to higher pay shifts.

Scott Dueringer (part-time Flex driver) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida said, “I am not taking any base pay blocks right now.” “Only surged-pay blocks. However, these are very rare.

Khaterine Cote is an Amazon Flex driver. She (pictured at far left) attended Wednesday’s rally in support of Amazon raising pay rates, as gasoline prices rise.

Mobile Workers Alliance

Flex drivers can take Uber, DoorDash and Instacart jobs because the routes they drive are often shorter, which means that they use less gas. This week: Uber added a surchargeTo help drivers cope with rising fuel prices, Uber Eats delivery costs as high as 45 cents and 55 cents each trip. Lyft made a similar announcement.

Laura Chelton from Seattle stated that Flex was not for her and she is now a full-time nurse. Chelton also stated that former colleagues were leaving the job because it isn’t economically feasible.

Khaterine Cte attended Wednesday’s rally. She relies on Flex and other delivery service earnings to care for her children, and support her family in Venezuela. 

Cote, single mom, earns $140-150 per day from Flex. Half of her income goes to gasoline. Cote is also paying more for her daily necessities because of the 40-year inflation rate.

Cote stated, “Right now, I don’t really have any savings as everything is more costly.” That makes it really hard for all drivers at the moment.”

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