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American Airlines will resume alcohol sales on flights April 18


American Airlines Flight Attendant serves beverages to passengers departing Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Texas)

Robert Alexander | Archive Photos | Getty Images

American AirlinesThursday, the company announced that they will resume sales for alcoholic drinks on short-haul international and domestic flights. The plan had been delayed more than a decade ago by a rise in demand. unruly passengersAttacks on crew members

In March 2020, the airlines stopped selling alcohol to passengers and suspended food service. This was when travel demand plummeted and it started. As travelers return to their destinations, many services have been brought back by airlines over the last year. returned in droves.

American is currently the US’s last major carrier that will allow sales of beer and wine to be resumed. This sale will take place in the domestic coach cabins beginning April 18, when the federal mask mandate ends. The Biden administration is yet to decide whether they will continue or eliminate the mandate. Southwest AirlinesLast month, alcohol sales were reintroduced.

Flight attendant unions claim that drinking and disagreements over the mandate for the mask have led to disruptive behavior on planes.

American flights that exceed 250 miles will have sales. American long-haul international flights offer complimentary alcohol, as well as first class. This is similar to major airlines.

American and Southwest cancelled plans to sell alcohol once again last May after disruptive passengers began attacking crew and flight attendants.

CNBC spokeswoman said American won’t raise prices in comparison to the price before the pandemic. New arrivals Aviation Gin, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey and vodka will all be available at a $9 price. Also, wine servings can be purchased for $9. Beer is $8.

American will also be restoring buy-onboard food. This is available for flights over 1,500 miles and takes about three-and a half hours. The airline started with almonds and chips. It will offer touchless ordering in the future, according to American.

American citizens were able to enjoy the last month of American Delta Air LinesHot meals will be available to the first class of many domestic flights, as announced by the airline.