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Metamask Founding Architect Joel Dietz announces Layer 1 protocol for Metaverse interoperability -Breaking


Metamask Founding Architect Joel Dietz announces Layer 1 protocol for Metaverse interoperability

Joel Dietz is the Metamask Founding Architect. He has now returned to crypto retirement to develop a protocol layer 1 for Metaverse interoperability. The Metametaverse is his natively cross-chain project. It includes a programming language that can be used to create and manage metaverses as well as simulations and games inside them.

Joel Dietz was well-known in early crypto for his design and securing of the funding for Metamask. He also established the academic field cryptoeconomics and the legal standards for utility tokens in Harvard and MIT. Additionally, he created the first governance protocols for crypto including a project called Swarm, which became the first regulated DeFi in Germany.

Although Joel Dietz took a multi-year break from crypto, he decided to re-enter because “the Metaverse needs its own language.” Dietz aims to enhance Metaverse interoperability to map human experiences by a coordinate system, known as metametalang. Dietz claims that every kind of experience is possible to map on coordinates, and make it accessible to all.

That “language” can be used to generate and map metaverses and boasts crucial features such as dividing space into cubes. It allows users to place cubes within cubes and then shrink to feel it. This creates an Alice and Wonderland effect.

In December 2021, the MetaMetaVerse project received $2 million through seed financing from several prominent investors. DAO Maker is represented by Ghaf Capital and Decasonic.

Chris Furlong of Neon noted that: “Neon is proud to support Meta Metaverse. This is one of the most innovative teams in the space, creating not only gorgeous worlds within worlds, but a new set of underlying protocols and piping that will be used in the open metaverse for years to come.”

MetaVerse is a service

MetaMetaVerse offers tools that allow people to create their own metaverse. Any individual, corporate or group can create their own metaverse. You can subdivide and sell each metaverse.

MetaMetaVerse describes itself as an online marketplace for metaverses. The concept is not limited to selling metaverses directly to people or corporations. The metaverse’s owners have the option to sell their items in their own world. MetaMetaVerse also sells special items such as MetaShips to improve the user experience.

MetaMetaVerse founder Joel Dietz adds: “Metaverse is ten times bigger than crypto. Every building will be built in Metaverse in 30 years. The protocol will support clear use cases and higher-end assets. We are happy so many notable investors, cross-chain bridges, and existing layer 2s are supporting this layer 1 protocol for metaverse interoperability”

MetaMetaVerse will give away a MetaShip free of charge to one thousand lucky participants who have completed a handful of steps via social media. MetaShips provide a way for you to explore the MetaMetaverse. Each MetaShip is useful and can be upgraded to provide faster travel, improved stats and functionality as well as a new style.


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