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U.S. targets Abramovich plane, 99 others over Russia export violations


At the Aeroflot check in counter, a sign reading “Flight Cancelled”, is posted at Los Angeles International Airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal. It was placed on March 02nd, 2022.

Mario Tama | Getty Images News | Getty Images

According to officials, the U.S. Commerce Department is going to move to shut down 100 aircrafts from Russia that were recently flown there. Officials said this to Reuters.

This list was compiled by Reuters and includes 99 BoeingRussian airlines including Aeroflot (passenger and cargo carrier), AirBridge Cargo and Utair as well Utair, Nordwind and Azur Air — along with Abramovich’s Gulfstream G650 — could also hinder Russian efforts for international flight operations.

According to the Commerce Department, it will notify companies around the globe that any maintenance, repair or refuelling of spare parts or services that violate U.S. export control laws could result in U.S. enforcement action that can include substantial jail time, fines and loss of export privileges or restrictions.

According to the Department, this means that “international flights from Russia are now effectively grounded.”

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimando said in a statement to Reuters the department is “publishing this list to put the world on notice—we will not allow Russian and Belarusian companies and oligarchs to travel with impunity in violation of our laws.”

Many international Russian flights have been cancelled because of the ban on Russian aircrafts flying in their airspace by Canada, the United States and Canada.

These rules are applicable to all U.S. made aircraft and any U.S.-origin-controlled content. They also apply to Russian-made items that have been reexported after new restrictions on Russia’s aviation-related products were in effect from February 24.

Don Graves (Deputy Commerce Secretary) stated in a statement that U.S. actions have “isolated Russia” and that it has been difficult for Belarus and Russia to be included in the world economy. He hoped that today’s announcement will remind them of this fact to their businesses and the oligarchs seeking to keep running these operations.

Reuters reports that Russian airlines will have several weeks to arrange alternative supply of prohibited aircraft parts, or ground jets in order to avoid safety fears as a result of Western sanctions on Russia’s invasion Ukraine.