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Three layer-1 protocols see inflows amid choppy, volatile market conditions -Breaking


The foundation of decentralized applications ecosystem is Layer-1 (L1) protocols. It dominates the landscape for total value locked and protocols launched on-chain. Fantom and BNB Chain follow.

A number of L1 protocols are outperforming the market and showing gains in spite of the weakness of the wider crypto market.

The total value of Waves is locked in. Source: Defi Llama
Statistics on the total value of Neutrino and Vires Finance. Source: Defi Llama
Oasis total value Source: Defi Llama
Total value locked at. Source: Defi Llama
Cronos total value Source: Defi Llama
TVL Cronos: Top 4 Protocols Source: Defi Llama