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Landit founder Lisa Skeete Tatum on secrets to success and best career advice


It can be more difficult for marginalized groups such as women and those of color to achieve career success than it is for the rest. These groups are also often underrepresented in workplaces. techAnd cryptocurrency.

Lisa Skete Tatum is the CEO and founder of Landit. She’s committed to supporting companies and helping them retain talented workers from different backgrounds. Ex-entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Skete Tatum uses her vast knowledge of career paths to develop personalized “playbooks” for women who want to advance their careers. 

Landit’s customers can reach their goals faster by providing customized career plans to individuals and companies. According to Landit, their clients’ companies have experienced significant success with their tools for development, which include a 120% rise in mobility and 200% more company engagement. There has also been a 125% improvement in employee retention.

A village is the key to success

Tatum says that these accomplishments would not have been possible without the “dream team”, which includes her professional advisors as well as her family.

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for people who believed in me… who saw something in me and took a chance, who helped me see things I didn’t even know were possible,” she tells CNBC Make It. I come from a line of pioneers who are committed to helping others. It was my mom who encouraged me to go out into the world and create that company.

Tatum claims that Tatum was encouraged by her parents to take risks. This is vital for building a business or brand. 

Entrepreneurship: The Challenges

Tatum claims that even with her experience as a venture capitalist she found financing difficult. Black women are more likely to have difficulty obtaining capital. Black women founders of startups had received a mere 1% as of July 2021. 0.34%Of the US total venture capital expenditures,

Entrepreneurship can be hard. However, there are many layers to the entrepreneurial process if you are a black founder. She says that financing is the most important aspect. You can’t expand if you don’t have the resources. You can’t hire people. Technology isn’t something you can invest in. Although it was challenging, it became easier as I found amazing angel investors and funders that were willing to invest in my venture. It was very difficult.

 Another hurdle that Tatum thinks is “difficult for every founder” is hiring the right talent. For founders of color she says staying true to the vision is key.

When you look at people you wish to include in the culture you are trying to build, there are many things to consider. The microcosm of society we are is us. When you’re creating your team, you need to remember that. This is a difficult task for people of color founders. You have to look at it from a different perspective. It is important to be comfortable saying no. “You must be determined, unwavering in your vision and commitment to the work you do.”

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