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McConnell says he hasn’t made his mind up on Jackson Supreme Court confirmation vote


US Supreme Court nominee for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson met with Senator Lindsey Graham.

Mandel Ngan | AFP | Getty Images

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnellHe said that he is still not sure how he will vote in Judge Ketanji Jackson’s Senate hearing to confirm her nomination for the Supreme Court.

Jackson is scheduled to make her appearance Monday before Senate Judiciary Committee as Jackson was the first Black woman elected to the Supreme Court.

The Committee will be asking her tough questions. McConnell stated that she has not made any final decisions about how to vote.Face the Nation.” “It will be an honest and deep dive into her records, which I feel is perfectly appropriate for a lifetime appointment.”

Although it is not clear exactly how hard Republicans will press Jackson in the line of questioning, some legislators have intensified their criticisms.

Last week, McConnell reportedlyHe expressed concern that Jackson’s past experience as public defender might lead her favoring criminal defendants.

Josh Hawley of Missouri, Senator, stated last week that he had reviewed Jackson’s file and noticed an “alarming pattern” when it came to Judge Jackson’s treatment of sexual offenders, particularly those who prey on children. Independent fact-checkers later debunked Hawley’s claims.

On Sunday, Senator Dick Durbin denounced Hawley’s attack on Jackson. He said on ABC’s “The View” that he had heard from him.This Week“His analysis of the Supreme Court nominee for nomination was inaccurate, unfair.”

Durbin claimed that Durbin was part of a “fringe” within the Republican Party. Durbin stated, “He doesn’t have the credibility that he believes he does.”