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Three layer-1 protocols see inflows amid choppy, volatile market conditions -Breaking


These protocols, known as Layer-1 (or “L1”) protocols are at the heart of the decentralized app ecosystem. The network is the most prominent in terms of total value (TVL) and the number of protocols that have been launched on-chain. Fantom follows BNB Chain.

Many L1 protocols are outperforming their peers and seeing gains in spite of the weakness of the crypto market.

The total value of Waves is locked in. Source: Defi Llama
Statisticians for Vires Finance and Neutrino have total value locked. Source: Defi Llama
Oasis has a total value of $2.5 billion Source: Defi Llama
Total value locked at. Source: Defi Llama
Cronos total value Source: Defi Llama
TVL Cronos Top Four Protocols Source: Defi Llama