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Company says it has found no evidence of new attack


The photo shows the Okta logo on a phone.

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Firm for identity management OktaThe company said there was no evidence that ongoing malicious activity had been detected after Lapsus$, a group, posted photos claiming they were hacking the company.

Late Monday, Lapsus$ uploaded screenshots to its Telegram channel claiming that it had gained access to Okta’s systems. According to the hacking group, it didn’t access any Okta databases or steal them. Instead, its focus was on getting access to customers.

Okta stated Tuesday it “detected an attempted compromise of the account of third-party customer support engineers working for one our subprocessors in January.”

“The subprocessor investigated the matter and found it contained. It is believed that the January event was connected by the online screenshots. The company stated that they have found no evidence to suggest ongoing malicious activity other than the January activity.

Okta’s shares were about 7% lower in U.S. pre-market trading

Okta, an identity and authentication software company, is used by over 15,000 companies. Okta data breaches have raised concern that hackers might gain access to Okta products by hacker.

Okta is used by thousands of businesses to protect and manage their identities. Okta’s private keys can be used to gain access to company networks and applications by the cyber gang,” Ekram Ahmed (a spokesperson from cybersecurity firm Check Point) stated in a statement.

Okta customers need to “exercise extremevigilance” and use cyber safety measures, he said.

Matthew Prince is the CEO at Cloudflare. This internet infrastructure company’s details were Lapsus$ in one of their screenshots. He stated there was no evidence that his company was compromised.

He said, “Thankfully, there are multiple layers of security above Okta and I would never consider them to a standalone option.”

Lapsus$ claimed the responsibility for several data breaches of high-profile companiesIn the past few months, at Samsung as well as chip giant Nvidia.