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Biden says U.S. would ‘respond’ to Russia if Putin uses chemical or biological weapons


On Thursday, President Joe Biden stated that NATO will respond in kind if Russia makes use of weapons of mass destruction to destroy Ukraine.

Biden spoke out in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The nature and extent of the response will depend on what the user did.

Biden stated that he supports an effort to remove Russia from the G-20 Group of countries.

Biden claimed that NATO allies had achieved his three major goals in Brussels.

The first was to provide humanitarian and military assistance for Ukraine. The second was to place the most severe and significant economic sanctions in history, to destabilize Putin’s economy as well as punish him. Trond was to strengthen the east flank of NATO Allies. They were evidently very, very concerned, and somewhat nervous about what would happen,” Biden explained.

Biden spoke in the wake of a marathon meeting with NATO allies, G-7 partners, and European Union members.

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