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EU leaders send a message to China to stop Putin


Mario Draghi, Italy’s Prime Minister, speaks to journalists at Brussels

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BRUSSELS, Belgium — EU leaders had one message for Beijing as they gathered in Brussels to discuss new sanctions against Russia: Stop President Vladimir Putin.

China’s authorities so far have not fully condemned Russia’s invasion of neighboring countries unprovoked, and instead have taken a stance to condemn it.upported Moscow’s complaints about NATO expansion.

United States officials have also said that Russia has asked China for military and economic support — something that the Kremlin and Beijing have both denied.

Mario Draghi (Italian Prime Minister) said that China is a great country. [the]Most important country. They can play a crucial role in the peace process.

Latvia’s Prime Minister Arturs Karins also told CNBC: “China has a choice, it’s rather a simple choice: put your lot in with Russia — that is waging war against Ukraine, bombing women, children, hospitals — or find a way to work with Europe, with the U.S. and with western democracies.”

Sanna Marina, Finland’s Prime Minister, called China “major players” and stressed that the European Union needed to ensure “China stays on the right side history through this conflict.”

Marin said that “if China assists Russia, sanctions will not work.” [in]The way they should be.

For its invading and subsequent war against Ukraine, the European Union and the U.K. imposed several rounds of sanctions on Moscow.

According to Institute of International Finance, these are likely to cause a 15% decline in the Russian economy. This combined with a drop of 3% next year will mean that 15 years of growth have been wiped out.

However, economic woes could continue.

On Thursday morning, the U.S. declared that they had a new initiative. plans to sanction about 400 Russian individualsAs they meet for two days in Brussels, the leaders of the 27 EU countries are discussing new sanctions.

Josep Borrell from EU Foreign Affairs said that the EU expects to hear new advice from head of states about “how to keep increasing sanctions, personal sanctions, and sectoral sanctions.”

For now, however, European leaders will not go to the extent of banning all Russian oil.

While a few EU members, including Poland and the Baltic countries, support an immediate ban, other nations fear economic consequences.

Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas explained that Estonia has a variety of dependence on Russian energy, as well as the possible impact an oil ban might have for European citizens.

We must understand that each country and government are dependent upon the public’s opinion. Unfortunately, Europeans don’t have patience for their conveniences. This is causing problems for the putting. [on]She said that there were more sanctions.

She added, “The public needs to support these people and we must understand the challenges ahead.”