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Biden heads to Poland to showcase human cost of Russia’s war on Ukraine


Joe Biden (US President) makes remarks about Russia during a meeting with the President of European Commission at the US Chief Of Mission in Brussels, March 25, 2022.

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President Joe Biden will land in to Rzeszów, Poland, on Friday to begin the second leg of his emergency trip to Europe, one month into Russia’s unprovoked invasion or Ukraine.

Biden’s trip to Poland, following a NATO summit in Brussels and G-7 summits focused on punitive and military measures against Russia.

Biden and some other Americans are expected to be in contact over two days. more than 3.7 million refugeesMany of the people who fled Ukraine are children and women.

Biden also will meet With Polish President Andrzej duda in order to address the worsening humanitarian crisis within the Ukraine-area countries, who have suffered the worst effects of the flood of refugees.

Poland and Ukraine share a land border that spans 530 km. at the epicenter of the unfolding European migrant crisis, having welcomed over 2.2 million people — almost two-thirds of all refugees — in the month since the war’s outbreak.

Many other countries that border Ukraine in the southwest have received large numbers of migrants as well. These include Romania (with over 570,000), Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia.

This has caused considerable stress on the authorities, health-care system and humanitarian aid agencies. Host nations are requesting greater financial support from Western allies in order to assist with the increasing number of arriving refugees.

Biden has been called America’s “comforter in chief” because of his empathy for people going through great loss. Biden, who is a widower and remarried, can relate to this ability.

Biden declared that the U.S. will provide more than $1B in humanitarian aid to Ukrainens who are still within the country or have fled to safety.

Biden stated that many Ukrainian refugees would like to remain in Europe closer to home so they can quickly return to Ukraine once the conflict is over.

Biden stated that the United States is open to accepting 100,000 Ukrainians “with a primary focus on family reunification” for those who wish to move to the U.S.

The war continues and Russia’s military makes no significant progress, the Russian president is becoming increasingly important. Vladimir PutinThe tactics of the spies have become more barbaric.

On Wednesday, as Biden left for Europe, the United States officially accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine. The government demanded that those who were responsible face criminal prosecution.

Antony Blinken (Secretary of State) repeatedly mentioned the cruelty in Mariupol in Ukraine when he announced the U.S. determination. He also compared the incident to Russian actions against Grozny in Second Chechen War and Aleppo during civil war in Syria.

Blinken released a statement saying that Russia had demolished apartment buildings, schools and hospitals as well critical infrastructure. He also stated that civilian vehicles, shopping malls, ambulances, and other civilian structures were destroyed by Russian forces.

Blinken claimed that Russian forces had hit many buildings “clearly identified as being in-use” by civilians. She cites bombings of Mariupol’s Maternity Hospital and of a Mariupol theater, clearly marking them with Russian words for children “in enormous letters visible in the sky.”

—CNBC’s Karen Gilchrist contributed to this article.