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What is Anonymous? The group went from 4chan to cyberattacks on Russia


One of the most notorious hacker organizations in the world has existed for nearly twenty years under the pseudonym “Anonymous Hacker Group”.Anonymous.” The mysterious online community continues to make headlines.

The invasion of Russia by Ukraine in February resulted in a resounding defeat. Twitter accountWith 7.9 Million followers, “Anonymous”, declared a “cyber war”Vladimir Putin and Russia as a president Since then the group has claimed responsibilityDifferent cyberattacks were used to disable websites, leak data from Russian government agencies and state-run news organizations and corporations.

Anonymous, also known as “hacktivists”, coordinates cyberattacks against different governments and corporations around the world, sometimes in support of political or social causes. In a Feb. 24 tweet, the “Anonymous” account — which says it “cannot claim to speak for the whole of the Anonymous collective” — called on hackers around the world, including in Russia, to “say ‘NO’ to Vladimir Putin’s war.”

Both have been inspired by Anonymous actions over the years. Hollywood filmmakersAnd other hacker groupsAround the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable cyberattacks by this group and what philosophy it uses to guide its actions.

Anonymous origins

Anonymous began his story in 4chan’s anonymous message boards. founded2003. Today, 4chan posts from anonymous users are labeled by Anonymous.

Users organized group pranks known as “raids” in the early days of 4chan. These raids were intended to flood chat rooms on other websites and cause chaos. 4chan cracked down on raids shortly after. criticsParticipating in the trial of cyberbullyingand the posting of offensive content.

These raids were the foundation of Anonymous’ operations. Anonymous was a network of online users with similar interests who communicated in encrypted chat rooms and planned online disruptions. These plans started out as cheap entertainment. They eventually became more focused on social and political goals.

In 2008, 4chan users were the most visible example of hacktivism in this group. led by early Anonymous hacker Gregg HoushWe launched an organized effort against Scientology. This included tactics such as denial-of service (DDoS), attacks on church websites and phone jokes. Also, we faxed black pages to Scientology’s printer ink.

Anonymous called the cyberattacks “Project Chanology” in retaliation to what they regarded as attempted censorship by the church legally threatenedGawker leaked a video featuring actor Tom Cruise enthusiastically discussing Scientology.

Soon after, there were a series of protests across the globe against Scientology. Many Anonymous-supporting protesters wore white-and-black. Guy Fawkes masksThis is a picture of the British 17-century insurrectionist. These masks are now closely linked with hackers.

Philosophy and goals

Anonymous views corporations and governments as hostile to its interests in general. participating in censorshipPromoting inequality. Since the group is decentralized, it has no real structure or hierarchy — so there’s often much internal debateFind out which causes or ideas you should support.

pinned 2019 tweet on the @YourAnonNews Twitter account – which, again, claims not to speak for the collective as a whole – describes Anonymous members as “working class people seeking a better future for humanity.” Anonymous’ guiding principles were “freedom, information, freedom speech, accountability to companies and governments and privacy and anonymity of private citizens”.

Anonymous has targeted many parties since “Project Chanology”

Authorities around the worldWe’ve arrested numerous hackers with links to Anonymous. 14 people chargedHacking PayPal 2011 Barrett Brown, journalist, self-confessed Anonymous spokesperson. served more than four years in prisonAfter a 2012 arrest for cyberattacks and threats to a federal officer.

The activities of the group trailed offAfter some of the arrests, it resurfaced in 2013 when Anonymous claimed the responsibility for hacking attacks on the Republican Party in Texas. This was in protest against the state’s policies. controversial abortion law. Anonymous claimed that they were responsible for the September hacking of Epik web hosting company, which exposed more than 150 gigabytes of dataYou can find out more about far-right groups, such as QAnon and Proud Boys.

Critics and supporters

Time magazine named Anonymous as one of the top ten people in 2012 100 Most Influential People. Today millions follow Anonymous-affiliated social networking accounts.

Jeremiah Fowler is a cofounder of Security Discovery. told CNBCAnonymous supporters believed that Anonymous was a cyber Robin Hood, targeting corporations and powerful governments in order to promote popular causes last week.

Fowler stated, “You want immediate action, justice, and you need it now.”

Anonymous has its critics. Many people think so. the group’s vigilante tactics are extreme and potentially dangerous. The National Security Agency declared Anonymous in 2012. a threat to national security.

Parmy Olson is a journalist, who also wrote a 415-page book on AnonymousIn 2012, he stated that the group’s legacy should be considered mixed by its supporters.

Has Anonymous done anything good for the world?” Olson says yes, in certain cases. told Radio Free Europe/Radio LibertyAnonymous supports pro-democracy protestors in the Middle East. “Unnecessarily harassing persons? That would be considered a negative thing. DDOSing the CIA website and stealing customer information and publishing it online for laughs and sh-ts is not a good idea.

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