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Biden says Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ in sweeping speech on Russian invasion of Ukraine


On March 26, 2022, Joe Biden (US President) delivers a speech in Warsaw at the Royal Castle.

Brendan Smialowski AFP | AFP | Getty Images

President Joe BidenRussian President Vladimir Putin spoke Saturday Vladimir PutinPutin’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered international outrage and NATO members are now under greater pressure to “cannot stay in power”

Biden declared at the close of a speech in Poland that “a dictator bent upon rebuilding an empire won’t erase the peoples love for liberty.” Russia will not win Ukraine, because the people who are free refuse to live in hopelessness or darkness.

Biden declared, “For God’s Sake, this man can not remain in power.”

Biden has been invective towards Putin during the Ukraine crisis, calling him “murderous dictator” or “war criminal”, but has not called for his resignation.

A White House official clarified that Biden wasn’t discussing Putin’s power in Russia or regime change. Instead, Biden made the point that Putin can not be allowed to have power over any of his neighbours or regions.

A three-day European trip that began with a speech by the president at Warsaw’s Royal Castle marked its grand end. Biden visited Ukraine, where he met refugees fleeing Russian aggression and U.S. forces stationed at Rzeszow near Ukraine’s borders.

Biden encouraged democracies to come together against Russia, and promised to wage a historical battle against the authoritarian regime.

He stated, “In the battle, it is important to keep our eyes open.” We must be ready for what lies ahead.

Biden explicitly and repeatedly condemned Putin in the speech.

Biden attacked Putin for using Nazi imagery as an excuse for invasion. He called it “obscene”. Biden said Putin was to blame for the upsurge in international sanctions that has crippled Russia’s economy. He also noted that Russia’s ruble is now “rubble”.

Biden spoke also past Putin and tried to appeal to any Russian citizens who could hear it.

Biden declared, “This not the future you want for your family and children.” This war, Russians, is not worth your time.

Biden was clearer in his message to Ukraine. “We stand beside you. Period.”

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