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Shonda Rhimes shares wellness tip she learned from Beyoncé


Shonda Rhimes reigned supreme over drama television for nearly 20 years by producing and writing series like “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal,” and “How To Get Away With Murder”.

At her most busy, the 52-year old entertainment executive was responsible for approximately 70 episodes of television across at least four ABC dramas every year. Time.

Rhimes is a huge success but it has been difficult to balance her work with caring for her family and taking care of herself. She credits her morning routine, hobbies, peers and a wellness trick from Beyoncé for helping her stay motivated, according to a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

It is essential to be creative and find time. However, it is also important to recognize that I am not an naturally-born leader. While I do not have an MBA or been taught how to manage a business, I did receive a degree in management. She said it was important to surround oneself with knowledgeable people in these fields.

In 2005, the Chicago native founded her production company Shondaland and continues to bring life stories featuring strong female leads. Rhimes’ newest series, “Inventing Anne,” is a case study in faux heiresses Anna Delvey.

Rhimes has a set routine that she follows every morning to help her get creative. Rhimes has breakfast before starting to work out. She listens to the music she has memorized and uses noise cancelling headphones to help her concentrate. Florsheim reports that the Encanto soundtrack is her current favorite.

Rhimes told WSJ that, along with her morning tea, toast, and “Athletic Greens,” she drinks olive oil – something she learned from 28-time Grammy award winning artist, Beyoncé. To keep herself balanced outside work, Rhimes enjoys playing the cello and cooking with her chickens. Rhimes hopes to get back to journaling after taking time to care for her kids.

I used to journal daily. Then I had kids, and I’m not kidding. I never journaled again,” she said to WSJ. My book, “Year of Yes”, was my first attempt at journaling. It was so helpful and healthy. Doing it taught me so many things about myself.

Rhimes’ memoir, 2015, describes her journey to transformation. She spent a whole year saying yes, which was something that she struggled with previously due to social anxiety. NBC BLK reports. 

Rhimes admits that she used Grey’s Anatomy to hide her voice, and Cristina Yang allowed Yang to express all of the things she was afraid to share in real life. But when Rhimes accepted that the real world could benefit from hearing her actual voice — that she could stand up and speak out on important issues and actually affect change — she swallowed her fears, wiped off her sweaty palms and began to speak,” NBC BLK’s Brooke Obie reported.

Rhimes discovered a lot over the years about the importance of negotiation, and how to speak up. Rhimes shared the most important lesson she learned: If you cannot walk away, don’t get involved. If you come in believing that you can’t leave, then you aren’t actually negotiating. She said to WSJ, “You’ve already lost.” It’s not a good idea to lose, she said. “What are you prepared to give up? What can you not stand by?”

Bridgerton season 2, Rhimes’ hit series, premiered on Netflix Friday, March 25, 2017. It is currently trending on Twitter. According to DeadlineThe show’s premiere season set a new record for Netflix viewership in January 2021, with an astounding 82 million viewers tuning in to the Regency-era drama about romance.

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