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Cardano NFT Marketplace Fractal Hoskinsea Launches $HSK token private sale -Breaking


Cardano NFT Marketplace Fractal Hoskinsea Launches Private Sale $HSK Token

Hoskinsea announces its token private sale. The marketplace is for NFTs and runs on the network. Cardano transactions are fast and safe at scale. You can also trade across multiple chains, which opens the doors to an ecosystem full of collectibles and crypto assets.

Hoksinsea saw a tremendous growth in its cardano network presence, which has resulted in a rise of interest from the crypto community. Hoskinsea has just revealed its Token private sales to the early participants, who will be part of the lucky holders.

Hoskinsea lets anyone create a shop, and then list their NFTs under either a fixed price or revenue split on the marketplace. Hoskinsea allows users to buy directly from sellers or other users.

Hoskinsea supports artists and creators, by offering a trusted marketplace for sharing their work. In the future, as the tagline “collectible as an artist” suggests, we hope that users will be able to have their own Dapps on the Cardano network where they can tokenise their physical artwork and sell digital certificates of authenticity.

Hoskinsea token holders will enjoy several benefits from $HSK Tokens. Hoskinsea hopes to establish a Decentralized NFT Marketplace on Cardano.

HSK Token Holders Benefits

HSK tokens are required to purchase NFTs.

Transaction fees: Token holders can pay the transaction fee for NFT minting using their HSK token. This makes it a quick process.

Token Staking/Yield-farming: HSK tokenholders can use our staking platform for more tokens and rewards.

Governance & Voting: HSK token holders will be made part of the decision-making process of issues that affect our Ecosystem. Holders of our token only will have the right to vote for any issues that could affect our ecosystem.

Important to remember that your token amount will affect the number of votes and participation you are able to cast.

NFT farming: Our NFT staking platform will allow users to place NFTs and receive rewards. These NFTs can also be traded on other NFT platforms.

Transaction Fee Redistribution: The top holders of HSK token can also benefit from our platform, earning a fixed percentage profit on all transactions made on the platform with the HSK token.

Features of HOSKINSEA NFT Market

  • NFTs are sold on the market with attributes/traits
  • Listings both public and private
  • Selling/Listing in various Cardano Native Tokens
  • CEX & DEX Pay integration
  • List of rare traits and indices
  • Viewer 3D of NFTs
  • Minting is fast and inexpensive
  • Transaction costs low
  • Fast UI and UX, with NFT caching
  • HSK token private sale

    1 ADA: 100 HSK Token

    Minimum Purchase: 200 ADA

    Maximum Purchase: 20000 ADA

    Early participants can purchase in HSK token private sale and become early holders of HSK tokens –

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