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Democrats urge Supreme Court’s Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from election cases


A dozen Democratic legislators demanded Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas be “promptly removed” from any future Supreme Court cases relating to pro-Trump attempts to contest the 2020 election results. This includes the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.

In a letter dated Monday24 Democrats in both the House of Representatives and Senate demanded that the senior justice “immediately provide a written explanation as to why he failed to recuse himself” from any such cases.

A “binding Code of Conduct” was also proposed by Chief Justice John Roberts, which would oblige all justices to issue written recusal orders.

Those requests came after news outlets revealed late 2020 and early 2021 textsThis showed that Thomas’s spouse, Virginia Thomas encouraged then-President Donald Trump’s chief counsel, Mark Meadows, in an attempt to overturn the victory of Joe Biden. Virginia Thomas was involved in the campaign to reverse Biden’s win. This raises questions as to whether Thomas can be impartial in ruling on cases related to this effort by the Supreme Court.

cache of 29 text messagesShows a chaotic, conspiratorial dialogue between Thomas (a conservative activist who goes under Ginni), and the White House’s top aide after Trump beat Biden.

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After news outlets projected that Biden won the election, Thomas on Nov. 10 reportedly wrote Meadows: “Help This Great President stand firm, Mark!!!…You, along with him, are standing up for America’s Constitutional Governance at the edge. Most people know that Biden is the Left’s greatest Heist in History.

Meadows received a text message from Thomas on November 19, in which she stated that Sidney Powell (pro-Trump) and her “team” were being overwhelmed with evidence of fraud.

Create a plan. Let go of the Kraken, and you will save America from being taken down by the Left,” she wrote.

Monday’s letter, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MassachusettsRep. Pramila Japal (Washington) linked these alarming reports to the urgent need for substantial ethics reforms at the Supreme Court.

“These revelations — combined with prior reporting about Ms. Thomas’s efforts to nullify the results of the 2020 election — raise serious questions about Justice Thomas’s participation in cases before the Supreme Court involving the 2020 election and the January 6th insurrection,” the letter said.

The letter stated that, despite his wife’s actions “Justice Thomas has not disclosed the extent to which he knows about Ms. Thomas and has not recused himself in multiple Court cases concerning the 2020 election as well the attempted rebellion that followed.”

They also noted Thomas as the sole high-court justice among the nine. who would have granted Trump’s requestBlock the transfer of important White House records and documents to the House select Committee investigating the Jan. 6riot.

These presidential records were ultimately handed over to the committeeThe letter stated that it could contain “communications between Ms. Thomas, top White House officials” given the information we have.

CNBC reached out to the Supreme Court spokesperson for more information on the Democrats’ request.

One-third of those who signed the letter are members of both the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committees. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Monday to NBC News that Thomas should be removed from all cases relating to Jan. 6 riot.

The Democratic legislators wrote in their letter: “As Congress evaluates its response on these recent revelations regarding Justice Thomas’s possible violations of ethics laws. The Supreme Court has both the responsibility and power to take immediate action.”

Roberts was also requested by the Democrats to promise to create a “binding Code of Conduct” for the Supreme Court before April ends. The Democrats noted that the Supreme Court is the “only court not subject to any judicial code or ethics.”

According to the Democrats, the rules must include “enforceable provisions to assure that Justices comply this Code” as well “a requirement that Justices issue written recusal orders.”

Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has spoken often about the value of its ‘credibility’ and legitimacy. This trust is already extremely low with Americans and must be earned,” they wrote.

Thomas is 73 years old and the Supreme Court’s most senior judge. Just days after Thomas was infected, the texts between Meadows and him were released. Thomas was discharged FridayThe court reported that he died a week later after being admitted with “flulike symptoms”.

Thomas didn’t participate in the oral arguments at the court this week. Thomas joined the court for oral arguments via remote access on Tuesday and Monday.