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Pentagon will award up to $9 billion in cloud contracts in December


U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke at a Tbilisi news conference on October 18, 2021.

Reuters| Reuters

According to the U.S. Defense Department, Tuesday’s announcement by Tuesday indicated that they plan to award up $9 billion in cloud infrastructure service contracts in December. This is eight months earlier than expected.

Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability (or JWCC) is a fresh path for the U.S. army that will rely on several cloud providers rather than one. It was this strategy that the Pentagon originally sought with the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, JEDI. In the end, it was awarded by Pentagon. MicrosoftBefore canceling it.

John Sherman (the Pentagon’s chief informant) said, “We have realized that our schedule is a little ahead of what was expected.” He spoke to reporters via a phone call. Sherman stated that the Pentagon’s goal was to announce contracts in April 2022 by July 2021 when the JWCC was announced.

Invitations were made to the Pentagon Amazon, GoogleMicrosoft Oracle last NovemberSherman stated.

Still, the Pentagon expects that contracts have a 3-year base period as well as two-year-long options periods. Sherman stated that the Pentagon would then open up to “full and open competition” for future multi-cloud acquisitions.

JEDI would have had a value of as high as $10 billion in 10 years. JWCC would run for five years and have a greater dollar value over that period.

Sherman stated that the work will be cross-border and would operate inside as well as outside of the U.S. It is anticipated that the Pentagon would have access to unclassified networks when contracts are approved. The secret networks will go online within 60 days of the award, and tactical edge and top-secret networks will also be available online in 180 days.

Trump had previously tried to prevent Amazon’s winning of the JEDI contract. It was seen as structurally troublesome by only relying upon one provider. Lloyd Austin is Mattis’ replacement. last year signed offJADC2 strategy, which will use artificial intelligence to create a Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) strategy

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