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The Mosque NFTs to Mint on Ethereum, Buyers Can Win a “Jacob & Co” Branded Watches By BTC Peers


The Mosque NFTs to Mint on Ethereum, Buyers Can Win a “Jacob & Co” Branded Watches

With CryptoKitties, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs took off in 2018. Many people are unaware that NFTs first appeared in 2014, before smart contracts changed the landscape. These unique NFTs enable users to hold digital assets and have on-chain provenance. Tokenizing art pieces and then minting them on blockchain allows the artist to bypass the restrictions of the auction house and connect directly with international clients.

NFTs: Bridging Digital and Physical

NFTs’ primary purpose is to create a win-win environment for all leveraging parties. The sphere of NFTs is growing rapidly and has already attracted billions in investment.

The industry will be worth many billions more by the end of this year, thanks to the incorporation of NFTs into various processes in the real world like art and gaming.

The Mosque NFTs – Introduction

The Mosque NFTs creators know the power of this revolutionary new technology. The creators of the Mosque NFTs plan to issue minting tokens for 12,000 mosque NFTs using Ethereum. It is their choice to use Ethereum.

This pioneering smart contracting platform has been home to DeFi and NFTs, and thousands of users and projects have secured billions in assets. Ethereum has a robust infrastructure that includes wallets and protocols as well active developers. It is possible for active users of Ethereum to obtain assets quickly and easily, without having to bridge or take extra steps as they would do if The Mosque TFTs were issued in another network.

Support Charities and Build a Mosque

The project has said that proceeds from the sale of the 12,000 mosque NFTs will be funneled to charity funds and building a mosque—physically and in the metaverse.

Parallel to this, while the auction begins on April 1, 2022 with the first minting, the team plans to use the occasion to bring attention to injustices and unfairness that people face in different regions of the world because they follow a religion.

At the end of the sales, the overarching goal will be to break stereotypes and, most importantly, relieve—or even alleviate—the sufferings faced by them. They will also demonstrate how technology can be used to benefit humanity.

Shariah-Compliant NFTs

Some of the applications can be deemed Shariah compliant because they are both NFTs and blockchain. Auctions of items will be used in The Mosque NFTs’ case to help charities build mosques.

Their goal is to not make money. It is about making people’s lives easier. Holders will have Shariah-compliant assets that can be traded by all 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe.

Set Floor Price at 1ETH

Mosque NFTs are minted in 12 phases and have a floor price of 1 Ethereum. The community decided to make this a reflection of the goals the team desired to reach over the next months. These are activities that will require capital.

In particular, 50% of the revenue will go towards more than 10 charities foundations including the One Ummah, the Helping the Burmese Delta and Mila 4 Africa. The project also indicated that donors would be free to pick the charity or foundation they wish to donate. The general goal is achieved through flexibility and consideration for the needs of the community.

Buyers can Win a Branded Jacob & Co Watch

To encourage participation, MetaMask—a non-custodial Ethereum wallet—is supported. Also, at each stage, an active user who mints the most NFTs stands to receive a branded watch by “Jacob & Co”—the exclusive partner of the project. Additionally, a user who mints the Kaaba Mosque—which has a capacity of four million worshippers—will receive a special secret gift from the team once the auction concludes. After the collection is completed, raffles will take place where certain NFT holders can win valuable prizes from the team.

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