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© Reuters Blockchain Gaming Launchpads And Their Unique Offering To Developers
  • GameFi, a gaming company that uses P2E as its motivation, is taking control of the gaming world.
  • Attarius Network provides developers with a platform to create and connect to a fully-fledged market.
  • Other launchpads await developers who offer unique deals.

GameFi has taken the globe by storm. This year alone, we have seen sharp increases in activity in the GameFi sector – a precursor of things to come when the market itself gets back to good health. The popularity of platforms is growing and people love the idea of gaming as a way to earn money.

GmeFi’s popularity has risen due to the fact that people are more interested in playing games than earning money. You don’t have to do it for pleasure or passion; you can also make it a business. That idea is attractive to many people, even if it’s not. GameFi projects are under tremendous pressure to do everything right. It is not enough to create a fun game; you need an active, thriving business.

More people want to create GameFI projects that will shock the entire world. A lot of them have the potential to do something impressive, but there is always that important question that every developer should ask – do I want to do this alone or just join a launchpad.

Tech Accelerators and the Rise of Tech

Over the last two decades there have been steady increases in the amount of seed money available for platforms. The presence of accelerators is a key factor behind this rise.

Techstars and Y Combinator have made it easier for technology platforms to raise funds and make money. You are welcomed by them, they help you build your first project and provide you with the visibility you need to expand your business.

There has been an increase in the number of accelerators operating within crypto. Large crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and FTX even have venture capital arms. These funds invest in startups smaller than theirs and assist them with growth.

GameFi is seeing this market grow. Attarius Network is a platform that allows GameFi developers access to a fully-fledged market place with investors and potential customers.

Attarius Network offers access to a complete suite of tools to build your GameFi ecosystem, ensuring that you don’t get to do any heavy lifting on your own. Instead, they help you with many of the technical – and even some technical – components.

GameFi is seeing more launchpads and accelerator programs being launched, giving GameFi developers an excellent platform to scale and grow.

GameFi development isn’t technical alone

When you have a solid idea for a GameFi platform, it’s easy for you to be skeptical of launchpads. It is vital that you understand the reasons why launchpads are necessary.

Developers need to be aware that GameFi technology is very different from traditional tech. GameFi involves building a game that people want to play – as well as building an ecosystem. Sadly, the process of building an ecosystem also includes ensuring that your token is active and functional – and that it has liquidity.

There’s also the marketing aspect. You have to ensure that the game you’re building is able to get enough eyeballs and engagement online, or you risk people not even knowing a thing about the game.

There are several other parts of running a GameFi platform that doesn’t even include the technical stuff. And right now, if you don’t have those in place, it will be impossible for you to effectively run the platform you’re looking to run.

This is where launchpads come in. Some of them already have components that you need – from marketing to marketplace and liquidity sourcing, and much more. It takes only a few minutes to connect and get online.

It becomes obvious that launchpads offer a more cost-effective option when you take into account all of this, as well the time and effort it will require to get off on your own.

Access to Investors is easier

Some launchpads won’t offer an opportunity for you to get seed funding. One benefit of working with a startuppad is the better connection to potential investors and partners. It is possible to build relationships with people who are passionate about the same things as you. With their knowledge, your growth can be much quicker.

You can usually pitch your platform to investors and gain the exposure that you need to connect with other partners. A larger, business-minded individual may be interested in your platform and could also meet you. Once you engage with them, you’re potentially in business.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will meet anyone. You might be looking for partners who are willing to partner with you, and find ways to improve your platform. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, you can create partnerships that will help move your platform ahead.

More valuable and faster knowledge

Launchpads, like we said earlier, give you access to a wide network of highly skilled and experienced individuals. As you begin your venture, their knowledge may be of great value to your success.

You can grow and scale your platform faster by using the advice these individuals provide. If there’s a need for you to reinvent your platform’s direction, then they could offer their expertise and help you get to where you need much faster.

All things considered, it is clear that building faster is possible when you are part of an ecosystem committed to your success. GameFi developers now have an opportunity to do this through launchpads. You can build faster and win more.

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