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Ivanka Trump gives 8 hours of testimony to Jan. 6 Capitol riot panel


Ivanka Trump testified Tuesday night for approximately eight hours before the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2017, that started after her father, ex-President Barack Obama. Donald TrumpHe falsely claimed that he was being denied a second White House term due to widespread ballot fraud for several weeks.

Ivanka’s testimony was recorded via remote video connection and ended at 6:15 p.m. ET.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of the committee, said earlier that Ivanka was answering questions. She served as a senior White House adviser during her father’s presidency. On the day of the riot, she was present in the West Wing.

Thompson said that Thompson meant it in broad, chatty language, but she was answering questions.” Thompson spoke to reporters at Capitol Hill.

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Ivanka Trump gave evidence five days after Jared Kushner, her husband answered questions for the committee for over six hours.

Kushner, a Trump White House senior advisor was the other relative who testified before this committee.

The panel investigates not just the Trump supporters’ Jan. 6th riot, 2021 riot, but also former President Trump’s actions in relation to the certified electoral vote count by Congress on that date, which was meant to confirm the election to Joe Biden.

Thompson pointed out that Ivanka Trump was not subject to a subpoena from the committee, unlike other Trump White House veterans or other allies, who have had to issue them for other Trump White House veterans, and some have declined to testify.

She came alone. Thompson said that it has obvious value.

Thompson replied, “Good try.”

Ivanka was sent a January letter by the committee to confirm that it had received evidence from them that she was “in close contact” with her father Jan. 6.

According to the letter, “Testimony from the Select Committee shows that White House staff members requested your help on numerous occasions in order to try to persuade Donald Trump to address ongoing violence and lawlessness on Capitol Hill.”