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GM expects record year of Chevy Bolt EV sales following fire recall



Source: Chevrolet

DETROIT – General MotorsThe company expects that sales of the electric Chevrolet Bolt model can recover from high-profile recalls after several vehicles were set on fire. This will allow them to reach record numbers in 2022.

“We are seeing record sales numbers and increased production in ’22. We also see a bigger ’23 than 22. Steve Majoros from Chevrolet Marketing, Vice President, stated to media Wednesday, “We are bullish about both EVs” and “EUV”.

Production was restarted and shipments began this week of the Bolt EV as well as a larger version called “EUV”. Since August 2016, production at Michigan’s Bolt EV plant had declined significantly. In that time, the automaker had recall all Bolts produced there since 2016.

Following the Detroit automaker’s determination of two, the recall was initiated. “rare manufacturing defects”The vehicle’s lithium-ion battery cell pack can catch fire. A spokesperson from GM stated that the company is aware of 19 instances where vehicles caught on fire due to this problem.

Fires and recall occurred. major setback for the automakerIn terms of its reputation and EV sales, it was a good choice, even though its supplier, LG, is to blame.

Vermont State Police has released the following photo of the Chevrolet Bolt EV 2019 that lit up in front of Timothy Briglin on July 1, 2021.

Vermont State Police

Majoros announced that GM intends to relaunch Bolt models to Americans with a television commercial for them. Media ads do not include mention of recalls or fires.

He said that he believes there is a lot more interest than awareness and added that the advertisement will be a big presence during Major League Baseball’s opening-day games. It’s going to keep up with our advertising.”

Majoros described it as an “arm’s race” and stated that Bolt’s record sales were largely attributable to increased interest in EVs. record gas pricesNationally, this year.

In December 2016, the Bolt EV was released, while the Bolt EUV launched shortly after all of the cars were recalled. Bolt nameplates sold nearly 25,000 units last season, surpassing Bolt EV’s record of 23,000 units in 2017.