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NFL warned to address gender harassment or face investigation


Roger Goodell

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Six states have their attorneys general warn the National Football LeagueYou have until Wednesday to respond to allegations of an “overtly hostile work culture” or you could face criminal charges.

Roger Goodell was informed by the coalition in a written statement that they had concerns about “grave” reports regarding how female workers are treated at the NFL.

Letitia Jam, New York Attorney general, said that her office will employ all its authority to investigate, prosecute and prosecute harassment, discrimination and retaliation allegations by employers across our states including at the National Football League.

Warning: from reports in The New York Times in FebruaryThis is based upon claims made by over 30 former employees at the NFL. The NFL has its headquarters in New York City.

The Times also reported that ex-NFL players Ray Rice and his fiancee were made repeatedly to view a video in 2014, which was “commented by coworkers that she had been the one who brought this violence upon herself.”

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Also, women described how they were requested to disclose if they had also been victims of domestic violence.

Other women reported feeling unwanted touch from their male bosses and attending parties.
Hired prostitutes, they were passed on for promotion based upon their gender and then being
“Pushed out to complain about discrimination”, said Goodell in the letter.

“In 2014 we saw in horror the video [former NFL player] Ray Rice brutally attacking his fiancé was made public,” the letter said. The NFL pledged to improve the conditions of women in the league and take the issue seriously.

According to the attorneys general, they added that “We now know that nothing like this happened.”

In a response to the letter, NFL stated that it was committed to keeping its workplace free of harassment and discrimination.

The league stated that “We have made tremendous strides over time in support of this commitment but admit that we have more work ahead, just like many other organizations.”

The league stated that they look forward to sharing the practices, protocols and education programs we have developed to fulfill this promise with the lawyers general.