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The role of natural gas in the Russia-Ukraine conflict


Natural gasOne of many commodities that were affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is this. 

Prices for the Dutch TTF hub. This is a European benchmark. natural gas tradingBetween February 16th and March 7, it was more than three times as high, before being pulled back.

However, it is not the most important military conflict in Europe after World War II. Russia’s natural gasContinues to flow through Ukraine to other parts of the continent.

Laurent Ruseckas is an IHS Markit energy analyst. “If European Gas is unfamiliar to you, then you believe there’s an invasion and terrible war on the ground and that gas flows, both generally, and through Ukraine, as if it were not happening. It does seem bizarre,” she said. The truth is, Russia has a completely different approach to European gas, which we’ve witnessed more recently.

The European UnionAbout 40% of the country’s natural gas comes from Russian pipelines, and 25% of it flows through Ukraine. GermanyRussia imports approximately half of the country’s natural gas.

Georg Zachmann is a senior fellow at Bruegel. “What’s really happening here is that the Russians make a lot money with it.” The gas they sell to Europeans and Germans is worth hundreds of million of dollars each day. Russian gas is a huge source of supply for the Europeans.

Germany stopped participating in the war at the beginning of the conflict. Nord Stream 2A 760-mile long pipeline that runs under the Baltic Sea to connect Russia and Germany. EU plans to cut Russian gas demand by two thirds, and create a Europe that is independent of Russian fossil fuels by 2030.

Together with their partners, the U.S. imposed economic sanctionsRussia’s financial institutions as well as its elites are the targets

Which role did natural gas have in the conflict between Ukraine and Europe? And how has the U.S. been affected? To learn more, watch this video.

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