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4 clever crypto scams to beware — Dubai OTC trader Amin Rad -Breaking


4 clever crypto scams to beware — Dubai OTC trader Amin Rad

Aminhossein Amin Rad runs an over-the-counter trading desk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After dropping out from university to start his search for work, he became a broker. Rad started with his first transaction after spending five months battling scammers and tire-kickers. He then founded Crypto Desk, an exchange for business to business that deals in private crypto transactions worth millions every day among its 2,500 customers.

Why would people choose OTC desks over centralized exchanges? They offer lower fees and more flexibility. dangersCome with us! Rad shares his insights on the sector of crypto that most retailers don’t know about.

Dubai OTC Trader Amin Is Rad by Name and Nature

Deal-tails are where the devil is

Amin Rad is the CEO of Crypto Desk. He can be found in his downtown Dubai office. Photo taken by Elias Ahonen

Scamming third-party

Scammer with fake crypto coins

OpenSea has an offer on an NFT that is listed at 121.95 Ethereum. The currency Screenshot taken by Elias Ahonen

Fraud of Transfer Recall

Import scam for wallet

How an OTC Desk works

TravelsElias Ahonen is a journalist who visits Crypto Desk Dubais downtown. He just so happens to have his copy BlocklandYou are always close by!

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