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JetBlue is cutting its summer schedule to avoid further flight disruptions


JetBlue aircrafts landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport

Leslie Josephs | CNBC

JetBlue AirwaysIt is preparing to reduce its summer schedule in order to avoid disruptions during peak season, as it scrambles for employees.

JetBlue president Joanna Geraghty said that they have already reduced capacity by 8-10% in May. CNBC was able to view the email.

Airline executives are trying to find ways to increase their staff to deal with the influx of tourists this spring and summer. Employee shortages led to hundreds of delays and cancellations last summer. Airline executives look for ways to prevent another.

Geraghty explained that despite the challenges, and based on feedback from you about how the schedule was wound tighter, we believe the best strategy is to decrease capacity now. We believe that this proactive action is the best decision because everyone knows the industry remains in recovery mode.

JetBlue did not immediately reply to our request for comment.

Geraghty stated in an email that JetBlue, a New York-based airline, has already hired 2,525 people this year. However, the company is still short of staff. In an email Geraghty stated that staff will discuss other ways to minimize disruptions in the weeks ahead.

She said, “In between, any and all suggestions are welcome,” 

JetBlue announced last week that it had received a $3.6 million bid to become a budget airline. Spirit AirlinesIt is now in doubt that a discount carrier would merge with an ultralow-cost competitor. Frontier Airlines.

Beginning this week, U.S. airline CEOs will discuss their plans for capacity and staffing. Delta Air LinesReports first quarter results. Other carriers report later during the month.