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Investing strategy of a 27-year-old former stock trader earning $1M


Lauren Simmons received a crash course in the financial world after she was named the youngest full-time female traderThe New York Stock Exchange was 22 years old in 2017.

Simmons, who is 27 years old, left Wall Street in order to start her own business. Earned $650,000 last yearIt is projected to earn $1 million through speaking engagements, brand partnership, book and movie sales, as well hosting the streaming TV show “.Going Public.”

Simmons shares that despite spending nearly two years on the trading floors, she “didn’t begin investing until the March 2020 crash and I don’t regret it,” CNBC Make It.

Her investing mindset

Simmons, who opened a brokerage with approximately $300 in the spring 2020, changed that. The account currently has $6,000.

If it is comes to investingSimmons believes in two things. First, she needed to ensure she had good financial health and was able to afford to live. cover her basic expensesBefore she started investing. Zwei, she was interested in researching companies and funds that could help her grow her wealth.

She says, “I am very careful.” She said, “I need to be able to access the data and statistics that will help me make informed decisions before I invest.”

She is against crypto-investment

This mindset means that she avoids cryptocurrency.

Simmons states, “I don’t want to spend any money on cryptocurrency.” I believe digital currencies will last forever and be part of our infrastructure. It is still highly speculation for me right now.”

Simmons is positive that cryptocurrency will one day be centralized, although she doubts it will ever be bitcoin or Ethereum. It will “be a completely new one,” Simmons said. “Yes, I will invest my money in that new digital currency.”

According to financial experts, cryptocurrency can be a risky investment that could lead to losses.

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