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The $Amb Token – How It Took on The Role of Pioneer For The Defi 2.0 Movement -Breaking


© Reuters. The $Amb Token – How It Took on The Role of Pioneer For The Defi 2.0 Movement

DeFi 2.0 What does it mean?

DeFi’s first wave introduced revolutionary, decentralized financial services for anyone who had a crypto wallet. It also ignited the passion of Cryptocurrency. The original DeFi wave was not without its flaws. DeFi 1.0 had many flaws, including Scalability and Information Asymmetry. Decentralization, Security, Privacy, and Liquidity are some of its weaknesses. These weaknesses hurt the early adopters, and they impeded Crypto’s growth.

DeFi 2.0 is a movement that aims to improve and correct the issues identified in the initial DeFi wave. DeFi 2.0 is expected to provide dynamic responses to the new compliance regulations being introduced by governments, including KYC and AML. DeFi 2.0 is a benefit to users and stakers as well as the DeFi industry in general. DeFi 2.0 provides insurance against impermanent loss which will increase the incentive for investors to make use of liquidity pools.

What $AMB did to solve the problems in the DeFi Wave?

With its experienced development team and well-thought out algorithms, $AMB can offer many features that will reduce or completely mitigate these issues.


All token owners will receive tokens from $AMB’s auto-reward program. $AMB holders will receive 4% for every transaction that is successful.

Because of its many use cases, $AMB guarantees that transactions will continue to be made. You can use $AMB token to purchase all in-game rewards and items. The main trade activities for $AMB token are the trading volume and the demand for in-game Items. The model buy-holds-earn also offers this investment opportunity.

No Risk:

Market Liquidity is of utmost importance and plays a vital role in allowing the buy & sell of $AMB tokens on the secondary market. Trading slippage is minimized, so you are able to trade seamlessly at the prices that you desire. One of the key features of the $AMB token development is the Risk-Free Value (RFV). This guarantees both player and holder benefits. RVF is used for two main purposes. To maintain token price and to deflation. It is expected that 6% from every transaction will go towards two objectives: building an RFV Reserve, and buying back tokens to burn them.

For every transaction that uses the $AMB token on PancakeSwap – the secondary market of Binemon, smart contracts will automatically buy back tokens and immediately burn them. The token will have a decreasing tendency, which in turn ensures that it continues to grow over time. This is good news for both players and the holders.

Binemon developers are not able to access the RFV reserve contract wallet. To protect the $AMB token’s value, a small portion of the transaction fee is stored in the Reserve. It can only be used for the purpose of purchasing back tokens at panic sell events. This protects both players and holders.


The “buy/sell fee” mechanism with 3% buying fee and 3% selling fee allows the project to generate inflows to cover marketing and product development expenses. This is a reserve that can be used to reward P2E token holders and for back token holders to cover losses during price declines. It also ensures consistent, sustainable price growth. It can be used to list activities on major exchanges and campaign events, as well as for P2E Fund assistances. Smart Contract distributes reasonably between $AMB token or BNB Treasury in order to diversify ends.

Binemon hopes to make a vibrant and sustainable market and provide a great gaming experience for its players. With the birth of the Apple (NASDAQ:) ($AMB) token and its well thought out yet easy to adopt uses in the Binemon game, the developing team hopes that Binemon users’ experiences will be refreshed and revitalize the exciting world of Mons.

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