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Twitter’s CEO warned of distractions days before Musk offered to buy Twitter


Elon Musk is an entrepreneur and businessman. He gestures to the Tesla Gigafactory plant in Gruenheide.

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Day before TeslaElon Musk was the CEO. bid to buy Twitter for $43 billion Thursday, TwitterParag Agrawal CEO warned that there are “distractions ahead.”

After a turbulent week on Twitter, Agrawal issued his initial warning. First, Musk’s roughly 9% stake in the companyThe news was made public early last week and sent Twitter shares skyrocketing. Agrawal then announced Musk’s inclusion to the Twitter board. Agrawal finally announced that Musk had decided to change his mind. not to join the board after all.

The final decision left the door open to a hostile takeover. Although Twitter is a relatively inexpensive option for billionaires, analysts have questioned whether Musk will choose Twitter as his preferred place to spend the rest of his time. Musk is already the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, and he also founded Neuralink and The Boring Company.

Agrawal didn’t give much information in Sunday’s announcement that Musk wouldn’t be joining the board.

We were both excited about working together and open to discussing the potential risks. “We also felt that Elon, as a fiduciary, was the best way forward, and he had to, just like every board member, act in all the shareholders’ best interests.” he said.

Agrawal stated that there would be some distractions but that our goals and priorities will remain constant. The decisions that we make, and the way we carry them out are ours. No one else has this power. We need to tune out all the chatter and keep our eyes on what’s important.

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