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Jamie Dimon, other JP Morgan execs donated to Kyrsten Sinema


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, listens to the introduction at Boston College’s Chief Executives Club Luncheon, Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A, November 23, 2021.

Brian Snyder | Reuters

J.P. Morgan ChaseJamie Dimon, CEO of the bank, and others from the bank supported the campaign for Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema. She has been opposed to key parts of President Joe Biden’s agenda during the first quarter.

Sinema reports that Dimon contributed $2,900 in February to Sinema’s Federal Election Commission filing. The amount of $2,900 is the mostAn individual may give to the campaign of a candidate directly. In the past quarter of 2018, Dimon was seen giving to legislators on both sides. This spans from January through March 31.

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Senator, who received support from executives and corporate political action committeesSince she pushed back against her own party, she is running for re-election 2024. Arizona, despite two Democrats serving it in the U.S. Senate, is considered to be a swing state. [Sen. Mark Kelly is vying for re-election this year.]Biden was also elected in 2020, which marked the first time that a Democrat has won Arizona since 1996.

Sinema is opposedBiden is pursuing certain parts of her agenda. This includes the idea to raise the corporate rate from 21% down to 28%. She supportsProposed 15% minimum corporate taxOn the declared income of large corporations in the meantime. Sinema is home to many financial institutions. ownBeside her, the party had already planned a primary.

After Sinema stated in January, that she wouldn’t support the proposal, Dimon and other J.P. Morgan executives donated to Sinema. changes to the Senate’s filibuster rule. Mary Erdoes, the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase’s Asset & Wealth Management line of business, gave $2,900 to Sinema’s campaign in February. Robert Baynard was a vice chair at the bank and donated $2,000 to Sinema’s campaign in January.

Sinema is the leader of the PAC called Getting Stuff Done saw $5,000The bank’s PAC was last year.

Sinema was able to raise over $1.6million last quarter. Her campaign now has less than $7 million.

Sinema’s representative did not reply to CNBC’s request for comment. CNBC received a statement from J.P. Morgan on Friday confirming that Dimon had donated to the campaigns Sen. Tim Scott, R.S.C. and Reps. Hakeem Jeffries and Patrick McHenry. A spokeswoman for J.P. Morgan declined to make further comments.

Dimon has spoken out on a variety of policy topics for many years. Dimon took aim last year at Biden’s proposal for tax increases during a House Financial Services hearing.

Dimon: “The tax rise is in fact four times the tax decline was from 2017” Dimon said at the time.The details matter more than the top 28%, as we all know.

Dimon said that he supports higher taxes being applied to the wealth but he was not against it. believesAny new legislation might target income.

Biden and Dimon have met several times since he became president. Axios reports that Dimon, a Wall Street executive, pushed Biden to run for the presidency. createTo develop domestic gas, and other energy resources more efficiently, a Marshall Plan was created.