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Making Bitcoin legal tender is Mexico will be ‘an uphill battle,’ says Ricardo Salinas -Breaking


Ricardo Salinas says it will take a lot of work to make Bitcoin legal in Mexico.

Cointelegraph spoke with Ricardo Salinas (founder and Chairman of Grupo Salinas) during the 2022 Conference held in Miami, Florida. A pioneer in Bitcoin (BTCSalinas was a 200-day (or more) market adopter. She has witnessed first-hand all the highs and lows in the market.

Salinas was a panelist on the main stage at Miami Beach Convention Center, alongside fellow billionaires Marcelo Clure, Dan Tapiero, and Orlando Bravo. Salinas, who was part of a panel discussion entitled “Bitcoin Billionaire Capital Allocators”, revealed that 60% of the portfolio he has is Bitcoin and 40% is oil and gas investments.

From left, moderator Greg Foss, Marcelo Claure, Ricardo Salinas, Dan Tapiero and Orlando Bravo.