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Apple retail union organizers want workers to be paid at least $30 per hour


In New York, customers walk by the Apple logo in an Apple store located at Grand Central Station.

Lucas Jackson | Reuters

Workers who hope to organize a unionAt Apple’s Grand Central Terminal store want workers to be paid a minimum of $30 per hour, according to a website for the group, Fruit Stand Workers United, that was updated on Monday.

Apple’s New York City store was a high-profile location. Employees began to organize earlier in the year. They posted the first publicly-facing site announcing the unionization effort on Saturday.

Apple employees believe that they are more valuable when there is a tight labor force. This is evident in the request for an increase in wages.

According to the organizers, “for pay we are looking for a minimum $30, based up on a matrix of role, tenure and performance.” said on their website. For benefits, we want more drastic changes like faster tuition reimbursement, more accrued and less vacation time and better retirement options. These include higher match rates in 401(k), and enrollment in pension plans. We are interested in safety and health research, including customer interaction security and track dust research, as well as research on the health effects of building materials and noise pollution at Grand Central.

Apple workers can earn between $17 and $30 an hour depending on market conditions, according to The Washington Post reported Saturday. Verizon is a competitor retail store in the phone market and will launch its Monday sale said it would raise its minimum wageUp to $20 an Hour

Apple spokeswoman said that they are happy to provide strong benefits and compensation for part-time and full-time employees. This includes tuition reimbursement, health care, parental leave, paid leave, and new parental leave.

A committee of employees is organizing authorization cards to determine how much support the store will receive in unionization. In order to file a union petition, the union will need 30% of approximately 270 Grand Central employees.

When organizers can get 30 percent of the eligible workers to sign cards then over 50% would need to vote in unionization to be officially certified.

This is the latest indication that workplace activism in the United States is growing during an inflationary climate and because the Covid-19 pandemic forced workers at the frontlines to reconsider the benefits and risks of their job.

Amazon workers voted to form a union at a Staten Island warehouseThis month, earlier. Starbucks stores across the country also voted to unionize. Workers United is an affiliate of Service Employees International Union and Apple Grand Central employees. They are looking for representation.

Workers United stated in a statement that “Hourly-wage workers all across the nation have come to realize that employers will continue to ignore the concerns of their workplace problems without organizing for a collective voice.”

Apple boasts 154,000 workers around the world and 270 U.S. outlets, according to a financial filing. In its fiscal 2021, Apple had reported sales of more than $365 billion around the globe.