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Why China shows no sign of backing away from its ‘zero-Covid’ strategy


The rest of the world was fighting waves after waves of coronaviruses, but China’s zero-Covid policy kept the number of cases down and the pride of its citizens high. How long will China be able to maintain its Covid policy? Which is the most important for Beijing?

China’s zero tolerance policy for Covid-19 cases was what allowed it to be the largest economic growth country in 2020.

The rest of the world was fighting coronavirus waves, but China’s closed borders, strict testing, and quarantine policies allowed most people to continue their lives as normal. China’s attitude has been a source national pride.

Yanzhong Huang, of the Council on Foreign Relations said that “The strategy’s success has maintained a very low degree of infection in contrast to the failures of liberal democracies including the United States.”

Now, an outbreak has occurred in Shanghai (China’s biggest city), and it is threatening to disrupt all this.

What is the limit of China’s Covid policies? What is the most important thing for China’s government?