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Jack Dorsey’s new title: Block Head


Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter, testifies in a Congressional hearing on March 25, 2021.


Jack DorseyThe CEO is not the CEO anymore Block. At least, he doesn’t have the title anymore.

In the following: filingAccording to the SEC, Square has announced that Dorsey is now Block Head. Block amended its bylaws in order to reflect Dorsey’s new position. The company no longer needs an officer to hold the title of president or CEO.

Another way Dorsey intersects with Tesla is through this. Elon MuskWho is it? tryingTo buy TwitterDorsey used to manage a second company, namely. Musk became a billionaire last year. took onHe was still the CEO and holds the title of Tesla’s “Technoking of Tesla.” Musk said later that his role as CEO was just a title.

Dorsey made similar remarks at least twice as long ago as 2012. He tweeted “Titles such as ‘CEO’ get in our way of doing right things.” Respect for those who don’t care about titles but fight hard for the cause of what is right.

Block stated that it had changed Dorsey’s title at his request on April 20, 2018. It is called “blockhead”. definedMerriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines it as “a dumb person”.

Jim McKelvey, Dorsey, and Square were founded in 2009 by McKelvey. Although the company’s primary focus has been on payments, it recently moved to crypto markets, principally through its Cash app. Block changed its name in December to Block. saidWhile its old moniker was associated with selling products, the new brand “creates opportunities for growth.”