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Liz Cheney denies taping Kevin McCarthy discussing Trump resigning after Jan. 6


Rep. Liz Cheney denies recording Friday leaking audio from a phone callThat appears to have been Kevin McCarthy, House Minority leader, telling Donald Trump he’d tell him to resign in the wake of Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The portion of the call, which was dated January 10, 2021, was broadcast on Thursday evening’s MSNBC “The Rachel Maddow show.” Hours earlier, McCarthy denied sayingHe would advise Trump to resign.

You can hear the California Republican speaking to Cheney, R. Wyo. in this audio clip. He said that Trump was likely to be impeached by the House, and then convicted in Senate, following the Jan. 6, riot.

McCarthy stated, in the recorded interview, that he would only have one conversation with him: “I think this will go, and I would recommend you resign.”

After Trump’s false allegations of fraud having cost him his 2020 election win, a mob of Trump supporters stormed Capitol, disrupting the confirmation process of Joe Biden’s win.

Cheney’s spokesperson, who is one of the two Republicans in the House Select Committee probing Capitol Riot, stated Friday that Cheney “didn’t record or leak tape and doesn’t know how reporters obtained it.”

A spokesperson for the committee stated, “The select Committee has requested Kevin McCarthy to speak with me about these incidents but he has sofar declined.”

CNBC asked McCarthy for clarification, but McCarthy spokespeople did not reply immediately. Also, the spokesman did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment on McCarthy’s recording remarks. This contradicts his previous statement which denies that McCarthy stated he would press Trump to resign.

McCarthy’s chances of being elected speaker could be threatened by the bombshell recording, especially if Republicans take control in 2022. The vast majority of House Republicans — who would vote on whether to make McCarthy speaker — have stayed loyal to Trump.

Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. He has also continued spreading conspiracy theories that suggest the race was rigged in his favor. However, Trump is still the most well-known figure in the GOP. Trump has indicated that he may run again for the presidency in 2024.

The New York Times on Thursday reportedMcCarthy, along with other GOP leaders including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell initially promised to expel Trump from politics following the Jan. 6th riot. They quickly backed offThe newspaper reports that Trump supporters fear retribution.

According to the Times, McCarthy said that he had “had it” with the man in question during the aftermath of the attack. According to the Times, this newspaper’s reporting is based on information from “This will not pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” by Alexander Burns (Times reporter) and Jonathan Martin (Times reporter).

In a call with top Republicans — apparently the same call where the audio clip came from — McCarthy also wondered aloud if tech companies could suspend the social media accounts of some Republican lawmakers, the Times reported.

“Can they also take their Twitter accounts?” He asked.

McCarthy issued a statement on Thursday calling the Times’ coverage of him “totally false” and incorrect. McCarthy accused “corporate media” for pushing a “liberal agenda.” He also said that America was better off with the Biden presidency.

The Times report includes another denial by McCarthy’s spokesman Mark Bednar who stated that Trump “never said” he would call him to tell him to resign.

However, Thursday’s audio clip seems to refute that assertion.

In the recording, Cheney referenced the 25th Amendment — a constitutional process for removing a president from office. McCarthy asked, then: “What happens if the thing gets there after he leaves?” Do you think there is a chance? Do you hear rumors that he may resign?” Are there reasons to believe that this might occur?

McCarthy replied, “I have had some discussions. My gut tells me no. He is seriously considering having that conversation tonight. In the last few days, I haven’t seen him since.”

McCarthy stated that he was skeptical Trump would accept to step down. McCarthy stated that Trump’s impeachment attempt would pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate. This is even though Trump had been scheduled to leave office Jan. 20, 2021.

McCarthy stated, “But I believe I will do it. I’m going call him.” McCarthy said, “It has many different consequences.”

McCarthy said, “The one discussion I would have was that I think this is going to pass. It would also be my recommendation you resign.” He said that he wouldn’t accept it. However, I am not certain.

Trump’s incitement to rebellion during his final days of office was the reason that Trump was impeached in the House. After Biden’s induction, the Senate exonerated him.

Cheney was an active member of McCarthy’s leadership team during the call. Republicans removed Cheney from her post after she voted against Trump and was critical of him in relation to the Capitol attack.