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NFL gives defense against Black coaches’ discrimination suit


Brian Flores is the Miami Dolphins head coach and will face the Cincinnati Bengals on August 29, 2021 at Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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An NFL judge has been told that the NFL cannot accept a lawsuit filed by Black coaches alleging racist hiring practices.

Thursday’s initial hearing in Manhattan was scheduled. The letter, which was released by the league before the hearing, stated that the league will ask for either the arbitration of the claims of Brian Flores and his two co-coaches or the dismissal of the cases without trial.

This letter was jointly prepared by the lawyers of both the NFL and coaches to inform the judge about each side’s position in advance of May 2. Hearing.

Flores had been fired from his position as Miami Dolphins head coach in January. alleged in his lawsuit that racist hiring practices by the NFL, particularly for coaches and general managers, left the league “rife with racism” even as it publicly condemns it.

The two other coaches — Steve Wilks and Ray Horton — joined Flores in the lawsuit earlier this month.

Flores led the Dolphins’ record-breaking 24-25 record in three years. Flores was then fired following a Dolphins win streak of 9-8. Flores was the team’s manager, but they failed to reach the playoffs despite having won 10 games in 2020.

Flores was established in 1996. hired as an assistant coach by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In a letter, the NFL lawyers stated that Flores and his teams denied the allegations in the suit. They also claimed that Flores was subject to a “sham” interview with the Denver Broncos. Flores said that team officials arrived an hour late for Flores’s meeting and that he was then cast as “angry Black Man” by the Dolphins. This happened after Flores refused to break recruiting rules or tank for a better pick.

According to the attorneys, “Defendants never discriminated against Plaintiffs (or Black coaches or general managers) on account of race nor have they retaliated against M. Flores because he filed this lawsuit.”

They claimed “numerous defenses” to the lawsuit’s assertions, including jurisdictional, venue and statute-of-limitations defenses, but said the coaches must arbitrate their claims according to the terms of employment agreements with the NFL and its teams. Flores has already been notified by the Dolphins to his lawyers.

Even if the lawsuit was successful, however, it stated that the claims were “devoid of legal merit under applicable statutes”.

The coach would need to show that discrimination would not have occurred if they weren’t Black.

According to the lawyers, “Mr. Flores” claims that he was terminated from the Dolphins due to reasons clearly unrelated to his race. This includes his refusal to deliberately lose games or infringe NFL rules.

The league lawyers stated that they are not aware of any particular practice in employment that has a detrimental impact on Black coaches and candidates.

Flores’ and other coaches’ lawyers also stated in the letter that they would oppose any attempt by the NFL to make arbitration mandatory or dismiss the case.

They claimed that the NFL had rejected their suggestion to use mediation, which would include the inclusion of an impartial third party such as retired federal judges or members of the civil rights and legal communities.

But, lawyers for the NFL responded by saying that the league and its clubs are actively working to enhance diversity in coaches and staff. They would be happy to include Plaintiffs, as well other Black coaches, in these efforts.