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Singapore moves closer to pre Covid living, lifts most pandemic measures


Authorities said that Singapore will ease all Covid restrictions starting April 26.

Lauryn Ishak | Bloomberg | Getty Images

SINGAPORE — Singapore is set to remove nearly all virus safety measures from Tuesday as the city-state seeks to return to pre-Covid living, authorities announced on Friday.

No more social disconnection or limit on how many people can attend social gatherings.

Covid tests for travelers who are fully immunized will be waived before leaving Singapore. The requirement to pass Covid on-arrival testing has been eliminated since April 1.

Things continue to improve for us. The social resilience of Singapore is high and we now feel secure. Ong Ye Kung (Singapore’s health minister) stated that we can afford to continue to work to restore pre-Covid-19 normalcy.

We should wait to declare Freedom Day because of the dangers that are looming until we have a pandemic. “We will instead reduce but not eliminate all of our measures,” he said.

Social gatherings won’t be restricted to 10 persons starting April 26. All workers are allowed to return to work and large event spaces can be used up to 100%. It will be difficult to trace contact.

Today’s announcement [marks]It is an important milestone in our journey. It is important to be vigilant, as things can quickly change.

Gan Kim Yong

Singapore Minister of Trade and Industry

You don’t need to maintain 1 meter between people.

In almost all indoor environments, masks will be necessary. If they aren’t physically interfacing with customers, then exceptions will be made.

“Today’s announcement [marks]It is an important milestone in our journey. “I would encourage everybody to be vigilant because the situation could change rapidly,” stated Minister for Trade and Industry Gan, Kim Yong.

“The government will monitor both local and global situations closely to ensure we are able to respond promptly to any developments,” he stated.

Separate rules regarding unvaccinated persons will most likely be eliminated, but there may be some exceptions.

Non-vaccinated individuals will not be permitted to eat in or take part in any event with over 500 persons. They can’t also go to nightclubs with dancing.

The health ministry stated in a press release that food and drink outlets will not have to verify the customers’ immunization status.

People who have not been vaccinated cannot visit shopping malls, attraction or enter work places.

Singapore’s Covid situation

Nearly 92% have completed their primary series of vaccinations as of Thursday. Meanwhile, 73% of those who received boosters had already been vaccinated.

Friday’s announcement by the government was also made. It stated that anyone aged 12 and over who has recovered from Covid must now receive boosters within 9 months to keep their status as vaccinated.

A voluntary second booster will be available to those aged 60-79, although it is recommended only for those over 80.