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U.S. labor board judge orders union vote at Activision studio -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO – The Activision booth was shown at E3 2017, Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles, California. It took place on June 13, 2017. REUTERS/ Mike Blake

Julia Love

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters), – Friday’s order by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board regional director ordered a union vote for workers from an Activision Blizzard owned studio working on the “Call of Duty” franchise. This overruled objections from the company.

Jennifer Hadsall (a Minneapolis regional director) ordered that ballots be sent to all employees by April 29 in a 27-page order. According to the decision, workers have until May 20th to return their ballots. Then counting begins on May 23rd.

Around 21 workers will vote for Raven (NASDAQ;) Software Middleton. Voting will be held on the workers’ decision to join Communications Workers of America (a union which has been active in organizing tech employees over recent months).

This vote comes in light of a rise in tech workers’ labor activities. A warehouse of Amazon (NASDAQ;) workers in Staten Island, New York has recently voted for unionization. In Atlanta, Apple (NASDAQ.) employees filed a petition to vote in a union election.

Activision Blizzard’s spokesperson stated that they were “reviewing the legal options in relation to a possible appeal.”

A spokesperson for the studio stated that they were disappointed by the decision made by less than 10% of their employees. Our belief is that team members should have a personal relationship to reach their individual goals and those of the company.

Activision had asked the NLRB for a dismissal of the petition to hold a union election. Citing a recent reorganization Activision argued that any vote regarding unionization should involve a greater number of employees. But Hadsall ruled that the proposed unit should stand, finding that the QA testers that the union seeks to represent have a “meaningfully distinct collective-bargaining interest.”

Activision Blizzard employees have joined forces to attempt to affect the future of the company. They staged a walkout, and circulated a petition calling to remove Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick. Microsoft (NASDAQ: ) has announced its plans to purchase Activision.

Bloomberg reported previously on the NLRB decision.