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Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen


Macron is likely to continue his reformist agenda, if his win is confirmed.

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France’s Emmanuel MacronHe looks poised to win a second term, according to exit polls.

Centrist Macron of the La République En Marche party looks set to gain around 58% in the second and final round of voting, according to early polls and projections, with Marine Le Pen of the nationalist and far-right National Rally party on around 42%.

The margin between them is smaller than in 2017, when Macron won with 66% of the votes.

In the background of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and a crisis of finances in France, the 2022 campaign took place. There was also a rise in support for far-left groups among the younger generation. widespread voter apathy.

Macron, aged 44 years old, benefited greatly from Macron’s diplomatic and friendly attitude towards the Russia-Ukraine conflict at the outset of his campaign trail. However, this support faded in the days before the April 1st round of voting. 10. French voters were more concerned with domestic matters and the rising inflation.

Marine Le Pen — who has now run for France’s presidency three times — chose to distance herself from her previous rhetoric on the European Union and euro integration and instead concentrate on the economic struggles of French voters.

As the second round of voting was approaching, however, more scrutiny focused on the policies and the individual candidates. On Wednesday night, there was a TV debate that lasted two hours. Macron called out Le Pen’s previous ties with Russia President Vladimir PutinHe accused her of being dependent on Moscow.

Macron stated Friday that Le Pen’s plan to ban Muslim women wearing headscarves out in public would lead to a civil war.

Macron’s victory would confirm his election as president of France. This would be the first time in over two decades that Macron has won a second term. Macron will continue to pursue his reformist agenda. He recently promised to increase employment in France. and change the country’s retirement age from 62 to 65.

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