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BTC, DOT, SOL, APE and CAKE To Surge 100x Soon? -Breaking


© Reuters BTC, DOT, SOL, APE and CAKE To Surge 100x Soon?
  • BTC and DOT are potential indicators of a possible surge.
  • BTC, DOT, and SOL continue to be the top-ranked crypto coins with a large market capital.
  • BTC and DOT could see a surge of 50x-100x within the next few months.

With its continued active participation in the crypto space, investors continue to be surprised by its performance. Even with the current bearish market, crypto assets still show market aggressiveness despite the negative outlook. Some crypto assets that could see a surge include BTC, DOT and SOL. These cryptocurrencies have gained traction both from insiders and outsiders.

Lark tweeted that he plans to accumulate cryptocurrency assets while the market remains low. “I would welcome no new highs in 2022, just means more time to accumulate before the next big run. We can achieve new heights, but that is great. Winning either way.”

BTC and DOT continue to hold the number one spot in crypto with a massive market cap of $600million-plus. In addition, both the APE- and CAKE-assets have experienced a more than 30% growth in the last 30 days. This is a sign of their market boost.

These virtual assets might also see a surge in price if they can maintain their momentum over the last days of the year. The price of these cryptocurrency could rise to over 50x or 100x. This price rise would be enough to send digital assets enthusiasts into frenzy.

BTC is currently the leader in crypto assets with trade volumes of more than $24Billion and below $40K. However, crypto’s total market capital is over $1.8 trillion and has seen a decrease rate of 2.5% within the past 24 hour. Are you ready to make a purchase?

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