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Capella Space raises $97 million to expand satellite data products


Capella-3 Satellite’s reflector deployed in orbit

Capella Space

San Francisco-based satellite imagery specialist Capella Space on Monday announced the close of nearly $100 million in financing, as the company looks to expand its line of analytics and data products.

Capella secured $97 million in equity and debt financing through a NightDragon-led round. Previous investors DCVC, Cota Capital and other previous investors were also part of the deal. Following the raise, Capella declined to disclose its post-money value.

It is on this foundation that the venture’s success lies. combining a special type of imagery – known as synthetic aperture radar, or SAR – with a small, inexpensive spacecraft.Capella is currently building a network to capture multiple images per day from satellites. Capella’s satellites are able to take images during any hour of the day, including through cloud cover or at night.

Capella satellite captures synthetic aperture radar images of Ever Given ship and support vessels in Suez Canal.

Capella Space

Capella currently holds seven satellites orbiting the earth, and will launch many more in the coming years. Payam Banazadeh, Capella’s CEO, declined to give details about his company’s goal number for satellites in orbit. He stated that “it is not about how many satellites you want.”

“It’s really about what the customers want – where they’re at with respect to the work that they’re doing with you – and how fast the market is growing,” Banazadeh said.

Capella is a company that was established in 2016. It currently has 160 employees.

Banazadeh stated that the company’s current satellite constellation allows them to capture images “anywhere on the planet” approximately every three to four hour.

Capella has more than 12 anchor clients, Banazadeh said. The company also doubled its revenues in the past twelve months. It declined to disclose its annual revenue.