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Poland says Russia warned that gas supply will stop on Wednesday


Gazprom’s gas pipelines are owned by the Russian government.

Andrey Rudakov | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Russian energy giant GazpromPGNiG in Poland has been informed that they will suspend gas supplies to the Yamal pipeline as of Wednesday morning. Although the Polish government claimed it had adequate reserves, PGNiG stated in a statement.

Data from the European Union’s network of gas transmission companies showed that physical gas flow via the Yamal Europe pipeline, from Belarus to Poland, had been halted earlier, but resumed on Tuesday.

Poland has secure energy resources, according to its climate ministry. It added that Poland doesn’t need to draw on gas reserves, and that the gas supply to customers would not be reduced.

Russian President Vladimir Putin demands that all countries considered “unfriendly” by him following the invasion of Ukraine adopt a plan that will allow them to open Gazprombank bank accounts, pay Russian gas imports in dollars and euros, then convert into rubles.

Gazprom announced Tuesday that Poland must begin paying under the new scheme. The statement by PGNiG about possible gas supply disruptions was not explained or commented on by Gazprom.

Poland has said repeatedly it won’t comply with new schemes of gas payments, as its gas contract with Russia is due to expire at the close of the year. The contract will not be extended, it has stated.

Gazprom’s Poland contract covers approximately 50% of Poland’s national consumption. It is 10.2 billion cubic metres per annum.

PGNiG announced Tuesday that it was taking steps to reinstate gas flows in accordance with the Yamal contract. Any halt to supplies would be a breach.

Additionally, it added that damages can be sought for contract breaches.

Poland made an earlier announcement Tuesday about a list of 50 Russian oligarchs and companiesGazprom is one of the targets for sanctions. A law was passed this month that allows their assets and accounts to be frozen. Separate from the sanctions jointly imposed by EU countries, this law will not affect Gazprom.