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What to consider before adding bitcoin to your retirement savings


Many investors will soon have the ability to add cryptocurrency to their 401(k).

Fidelity Investments said Tuesday that it would allow investors to place money. cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in 401(k) retirement accountsIt is the first company to offer this service. Fidelity’s retirement account users, which number 23,000, will have the opportunity to access this offering mid-year. The plan sponsor must also agree.

Many investors are wondering whether cryptocurrencies can be included in their retirement savings. Financial advisors often say that cryptocurrencies can be a part of retirement planning. it can be part of a well-balanced investment portfolioWe have also noticed that many clients are already adding this to their retirement accounts, even if they don’t have employer-sponsored savings.

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“I believe most retail investors seek exposure to something that allows them to be part of what they hope to see as the appreciation. bitcoinDouglas Boneparth is a New York-based certified financial planner who also serves as president of Bone Fide Wealth. And if it does that, then I am thrilled to be able to witness that. I believe that this account is wonderful.

Consider these things before you start investing  

Investors shouldn’t be rushed to add crypto assets or bitcoin to their 401k plans because they have the option.

Make sure it is in line with your long-term financial goals if you plan to add it into your retirement account.

Ivory Johnson, who is also a CFP founder and the founder of Delancey Wealth Management, said that if your time frame is more than 10 years, now would be a good time to purchase it. He recommends investors adopt a holistic view of the asset class and not try to predict volatile markets.

He stated that investors should be able to clearly justify buying cryptocurrency, rather than being lured in by the drop in price. You could see the asset as an investment, as it is uncorrelated, or because it has a growing adoption rate.

Johnson suggested that investors should consider how much of their overall portfolio they have invested in crypto currencies and determine if the allocation is appropriate for their risk tolerance. Before they invest, new investors need to know how much risk they are willing to take on.

He stated that if you are unable to stomach volatility and invest 20% in crypto, it’s a problem. It’s less of an impact on your portfolio if you go 1%, 2%, or 3%.

Fidelity offers some protections to discourage investors from investing their entire retirement savings in cryptocurrency. Account holders can invest as much as 20% in bitcoin through the plans. Plan sponsors have the option to reduce this amount.

Things to Expect When You Invest

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It is important to expect that cryptocurrencies will remain volatile for investors. Bitcoin’s value has fallen 40% since November, when it reached a new record close to $69,000.

Johnson said that this historically-risky asset was not tested in today’s environment, with rising interest rates.

You should expect it fully [crypto]It will fall further so you should only invest what you are able to afford to lose,” Tyrone Ross (CEO of Onramp Invest), a cryptocurrency-asset platform that enables financial advisors and businesses to trade crypto-assets. If it is zero tomorrow morning, then you will still be able pay rent.

Experts stressed that it is important to have a plan and financial strategy in place before you invest money in crypto.  Ross said, “If there is a dollar cost average for both the downhill and the uphill it will help smoothen out volatility and improve returns.”