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Trump appeals ruling, fine over failure to comply with subpoena


Trump Tower in Manhattan is visited by Donald Trump, former President of the United States.

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His lawyer stated in court filings on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump appealed against a contempt judgment and $10,000 per-day fine for failing to respond to a New York State attorney general subpoena about his business practices.

Arthur Engoron (the state judge) held Trump civilly contemptuous for his “repeated failures” to turn over material to Attorney General Letitia Jam for the civil investigation that began three years ago and looked into whether Trump Organization had improperly valued assets in order to receive financial benefits.

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He denies any wrongdoing as a Republican ex-president and said that the Democratic state lawyer general’s investigation was politically motivated. Alina Habba was Trump’s lawyer and stated during Monday’s Manhattan court hearing that Trump had not received any documents James asked for.

Engoron threatened to fine Trump $10,000 each day until he obeys the subpoena. Judge said Trump didn’t provide sufficient evidence to show that he had conducted an exhaustive search of the documents.

James’ office didn’t immediately reply to my request for comment regarding Trump’s appeal.

James previously stated in the past that an investigation had revealed “substantial evidence” to support the claim that Trump Organization used misleading asset valuations for more than ten years of financial statements.

Attorney General has asked how Trump Brand was valued by the company, including golf clubs in New York City and Scotland as well Trump’s penthouse apartment at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan.

The attorney general stated that assets could have been overvalued in some cases to get favorable terms for loans, while they might have been undervalued in others to receive tax benefits.

Habba stated that Trump “proffered a timely reply to the subpoena” in her appeal to New York’s Appellate Division. Habba stated that she will ask the appellate court for review to determine if the fine is “served any purpose as either compensatory or coercive remedy”, arguing that James did not show how Trump’s actions affected her office.

Former president had previously failed in a bid for quash of the subpoena. He then failed to produce documents within a March 3 deadline. This was later extended by the court to March 31, at the request of his lawyers.