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Apple (AAPL) earnings Q2 2022


Apple CEO Tim Cook meets customers at the Apple Store in Downtown Los Angeles on Broadway, California. June 24, 2021.

Reuters| Reuters

AppleThe bell will sound on Thursday and the earnings for the second quarter will be reported.

Refinitiv consensus estimates show that Wall Street anticipates Apple to deliver in the second half.

  • EPS: Expected price: $1.43
  • Revenue:Expected $93.89 Billion
  • iPhone RevenueExpected Value: $47.88 Billion
  • Service revenue$19.72 trillion expected
  • Revenue from Other ProductsExpected value: $9.05 trillion
  • Mac revenuesExpected Revenue: $9.25 Billion
  • iPad RevenueExpected value: $7.14 trillion
  • Gross MarginExpected: 43.1%

Apple has not provided any guidance to investors since February 2020. This is due to uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic. But in January, Apple CEO Tim Cook saidAccording to the company, revenue was expected to grow year over year compared with last year’s sales of $89.58 million.

Cook said that Apple anticipated supply limitations to be less severe this holiday season than they were in the past.

Investors are starting to be less concerned about Apple’s ability supply enough products. Instead, they will examine how the demand for iPhones and iPads has been held up in the face of deteriorating macroeconomic conditions, weakening consumer confidence, and other factors.

Rod Hall from Goldman Sachs wrote this in a note this week: “We think this report is more significant than usual for overall markets sentiment given increased emphasis on consumer spending. We also wonder if higher end consumers may be weakening.”

Apple is also recalling workers back into the workplace. Apple employees from California have begun returning to work. earlier this month.

Apple is expected to update its shareholders this quarter on how much they plan to invest in dividends and buybacks over the coming year.